New Fumari Mix Recipes To Try

New Fumari Mix Recipes To Try


Summer is on its way and you don’t want to be caught smoking the same flavor as in Winter. We are here to let you in a few secret recipes that will be deliciously perfect for this upcoming heat. These Fumari recipes are deviously simple and easy to mix while offering you a brand new sensation.

The first recipe is called Caribbean ‘Celo. It is a fresh mix with wonderful notes of citrus and coconut with a creamy pineapple taste. You will need the following flavors: Caribbean Colada and Limoncello. The mix ratio is 25/75, with Caribbean being the biggest portion, but feel free to experiment.

The second recipe we have is called the Spiced Mocha’Nilla. This may be best for a Summer’s night. You will need Fumari’s Mochachino flavor, Spiced Chai and Vanilla. You will require a evenly use of both Mochachino and Spiced Chai, about 45/45 and 10% of Vanilla on top. You have a silky coffee profile with a hint of spice and chocolate.

The third recipe to try is named Zesty Papaya and uses Mandarin Zest, Island Papaya, and Sweet Mint. This is a new flavor all in itself and one that is bound to be addictive! You will need about 25% of Mandarin Zest, 60% of Island Papaya and 15% of Sweet Mint in order to create this legend.

Another Fumari Shisha recipe consists of White Peach, Guava and Citrus Mint. It is a simple, yet superb mix that requires no thought at all. You need an even mix of each flavor to try this baby out.

Last but not least is the Orange Sherbert, the perfect sweet and creamy treat for a hot Summer’s day. All you need is Ambrosia and Orange Cream. Half and half of each flavor will get you the creamiest Orange Sherbert you can imagine. If you want to tone down the creaminess, then add Tangelo to the mix. That will mean reducing the Orange Cream to 25% and adding 25% of Tangelo.

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