New Hookah Tobacco Brands Available Now On Zahrah

New Hookah Tobacco Brands Available Now On Zahrah


Shisha enthusiasts are always in search of unique shisha blends to satiate their demanding taste buds. Searching for quality hookah tobacco could be a daunting task if you have to toggle between different online hookah stores. ZahrahUSA is committed to making it easy for you to find your favorite shisha flavors without exploring numerous stores. We offer you a one-stop solution to all your hookah requirements starting from hookah sets, hookah coal, tobaccos, accessories, and more. We regularly update our catalog to include top-quality brands and make sure all your demands are provided appropriately. Today, we are delighted to inform you that we have recently extended our shisha collection to accommodate the following globally renowned hookah tobacco brands. Check them out.

New Hookah Tobacco Available on ZahrahUSA

There are so many great hookah tobacco lines available in the market. Each of these brands has multiple delicious hookah tobacco blends that took no time to impress hookah lovers. With so many options available, it often becomes a tiring job to search for the best flavors and deals. Moreover, it is hard to find both in one place until now. At Zahrah, we are proud of our massive product collection, and recently, we have enlisted four more renowned shisha brands only for you.   

Chaos Hookah Tobacco

Established in 2016, Chaos Hookah Tobacco is a German brand that took hookah shisha to a different new level, unlike any other shisha brand. It has already impressed the European hookah community and now entered the USA. The brand has an enticing shisha collection among, which flavors like Mr. Roboto, Icemam, Turkish Bubbles, Mangana, Arabic Prince are very popular. We have it available in a 250 grams’ pack.

Fantasia Hookah Tobacco

As compared to the other shisha brands, Fantasia Hookah Tobacco is an extraordinary fusion of intense flavors with low nicotine content. Prepared with the golden or blonde French Virginia tobacco leaves and high-quality premium ingredients, Fantasia is packed with extra juice. The brand is best known for delivering extra-long smoke sessions without losing its flavors. Moreover, it comes at a very amazing price. We have it in 200 grams.

Eternal Smoke

Eternal Smoke Inc. is a superior shisha brand that deals in unique, genuine flavor blends prepared with precisely cut tobacco leaves. The shisha brand was established in Orlando Florida, in 2018. Apart from fresh, high-quality shishas, the brand mainly focuses on efficient customer service and improving the hookah lifestyle. Some of the renowned Eternal Smoke flavors are Lemon Pop, Aloha Nights, Masala Chai, Caribbean Nights, Energy Bolt, and many more. Eternal Smoke Tobacco is available in 250 grams’ option.


Haze Tobacco

For over 25 years, Haze Tobacco has been counted among the pioneering flavored shisha brands of the USA. All these years, Haze has successfully created an extensive fan base with its ultimate hand-crafter shisha blends prepared with unparalleled excellence. Established by an elite crew of accomplished enthusiasts keen to offer you an unforgettable smoke experience. Each Haze flavor is meticulously created to perfection and comes in handy, reusable containers, aiding you to store your favorite shisha comfortably.

The manufacturer opts for the world’s most excellent blend of premium ingredients to craft amazing flavors. You ought to enjoy them all. The brand commits to deliver exceptional flavors, gigantic smoke clouds, and ultimate satisfaction. It is meant to transform the hookah smoke tradition in a completely new way. Some of the crowd's favorite Haze Tobacco shisha flavors are Icy Tango, Frozen Lakes, Mint Supreme, Chaitastic, and more. We have it available in a 250 grams pack. 


At ZahrahUSA, we are currently conducting some great mix and match bundle offers. Now, you can shop for five or seven of your favorite shisha flavors at a discounted price. You can either pick different blends or multiple units of a single flavor. If you are looking to buy bulk hookah tobacco, look no further because we bring you the best wholesale deals in the market. Just log into your wholesale Zahrah account, add your favorite hookah tobacco to the cart in the desired quantity. And we will get the best wholesale deal that no one in the market could match. 

Also, whenever you order for $135 or more, you get free shipping across the USA. So, waste no time. Browse our top hookah shisha collection to get started now.

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