Overdozz Hookah Tobacco



Zahrah has good news for our customers that love exploring new and exotic flavors.

After much anticipation, Overdozz Hookah Tobacco is now available in the USA with an entire assortment of exciting flavors.

Overdozz is an exotic shisha brand that has become wildly popular in Europe over the last 2 years and gradually expanded around the world.


Bad Habit. Some bad habits are very yummy. Presenting Overdozz Bad Habit, an exotic blend of your favorite Grapes that perfectly captures its really sweet and juicy flavors. Beware, you might not want to taste anything else after a smacking bowl of Overdozz Bad Habit. 

24 Karatine. If you are someone who craves cookies, Overdozz 24 Karatine is the best way to satiate your craving taste buds. It is cookie-flavored hookah tobacco with a scrumptious punch of Banana that makes it even more appealing. 

Fresh Greens. Greens are not inviting for many, but Overdozz Fresh Greens is nothing like those greens. If you are wondering what is so appetizing about it, then you must try it at once. Overdozz Fresh Greens is a super minty blend that will leave you fresh and rejuvenated for a long time. 

Double Trouble. Smokers who love some classic fruit flavors in their bowl should opt for some Double Trouble. This Overdozz shisha pictures the individual flavors of two different kinds of apple. 

Go For Broke. This Overdozz Hookah Tobacco is a one-man army featuring juicy grapes with some exhilarating notes of cool mint. Go For Broke is a perfect shisha that can be relished any time around the year. 

Love Bug. Are you missing something in your session? Overdozz knows what it is and hence got you Overdozz Love Bug. It is a phenomenal shisha of Maracuya fruit infused with some cool mint. This is a total Next Gen Shisha that you cannot afford to miss out on.

Heat Wave. Overdozz Heat Wave has packed in a unique combination of spicy cinnamon and refreshingly cool mint together. It is a special mix that allows you to experience diversified flavors simultaneously without being overwhelming. 

Lusidream. Take a pull and the Overdozz Hookah Tobacco will port you to the world of luscious dreams. Overdozz Lusidream is all about bringing the freshness of cool mint along with the delicate flavors of Watermelon. The manufacturer has struck a beautiful balance between the two. Smoking Lusidream is like cherishing a splendid childhood dream.

Psych Out. At times, the strong flavors of pineapple can be too overwhelming for your taste buds, but in Psych Out, it has been smoothed out with an enjoyable trace of revitalizing mint. Overdozz Psych Out smoke session will offer you an enthralling experience that you will cherish for long.

One Night Stand. Among a myriad of rich flavorsome blends, stand a very delicate Passion Fruit Hookah Tobacco. One Night Stand is an artful shisha that brightens your day at once. 

Summer Fling. Tart blueberry is an all-time pleasing flavor to cherish in the world of Hookah. Overdozz Summer Fling is one such Blueberry mix that is complimented with the right amount of mint. It is tart-sweet tobacco that leaves a wonderfully cool and refreshing effect on the exhale. 

Wild Night Out. Get wild with some lemon cake flavored Overdozz Wild Night Out Hookah Tobacco. 

Zero Gravity. Lastly, Overdozz has a magnificent lemony-minty blend that will sweep you off the ground. It is refreshing and fun. Whether you smoke it alone or mix in something else, it will always be fun and enjoyable.

    The Overdozz Hookah Tobacco blends come in two sizes: 50g jars and 200g jars. Depending on your requirement and preference, you can choose among them. You might prefer to start with 50-grams to assess the different flavors, then pick your favorite and accordingly order in bulk to get a discount!

    Order now and experience a load of Overdozz for yourself!

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