Now Hoob Hookahs Are Available at Zahrah!

Now Hoob Hookahs Are Available at Zahrah!


Welcome to, your ultimate Hookah destination, where you can find everything to offer you an exceptional hookah experience. Whether you require hookah and hookah accessories, you will find multiple premium options available on Zahrah. Heavy Hookah lovers have a keen eye for something exclusive, something magnificent, and nothing can be more splendid than the incredible Hoob hookahs featuring minimalistic Russian design and engineering. Now, you do not have to search different online Hookah stores for these stunning Hookah Hookahs because we have got them right under this roof for you. 

Hoob Hookah

Established in October 2013 in Russia, Hoob Company operates on the central idea of creating designer hookah pieces. At Hoob, they are motivated to work hard to create Hookahs that are different from the classical ones. Every Hoob Hookah expresses the extensive research work poured into developing new exclusive Hookahs and accessories that signify quantity, functionality, and modern technology. 

Why Choose Hoob Hookah?

Hoob Hookahs feature modern, futuristic design and engineering dedicated to those hookah lovers who consider every detail. Whether you want a hookah for your Hookah Lounge or Bar or personal use at home, Hoob Hookah pieces would be a perfect fit for you. Hoob Company manufactures unique hookahs with extraordinary bespoke designs and functionality. It is time to get excited because now you can indulge yourself in an opulent smoke session with beautiful Hoob Hookahs.

Unique Hoob Hookah Pieces Available at Zahrah

At Zahrah, we bring you a captivating range of Hookahs and Hookah Accessories by Hoob that you cannot miss admiring. Take a closer look at them.

Hoob Mars Space Grey. Hoob Mars is a part of Hoob’s Classic series that is a fusion of traditional hound hookah designs and CNC mechanisms. Hoob Mars makes it evident that new technologies can introduce exceptional pleasure and comfort in the traditional style of hookah smoking. It has a modular design making it perfect for outdoors and traveling. 

Hoob Mars Bronze. The Hoob hookah piece is from the Supreme Series which is an ultra-traditional hookah manufactured on CNC machines. It is a 72-cm tall round-traditional designed hookah with engraved details, optional adjustable diffuser, magnetic hose port, and more.

Hoob Mars Black. It features an original provocative design and comes with a Hoob Black Mars stem, classic diffuser, black matte silicone hose, glass base, charcoal tray. It is an exclusive piece from Hoob Black Series that will surely captivate you in no time. 

Hoob Go On Bronze A. If you are someone keen on comprehending hookah culture and want to be unique at the same time, then Hookah Go On Bronze A is a perfect option for you. The entire Hoob Go On Bronze A stands only 49-cm tall is ideal for professional, personal home use and traveling.

Hoob Go On Black A. It has been crafted as a universal hookah piece made of stainless steel, and a special long-lasting finish with luxurious black and gold finishing. The 49-cm Hoob Hookah set comes complete with a Hoob Go On Black Stem, fixed charcoal tray, magnetic hose port with a black matte silicone hose, and many more. 

Hoob Go On A Space Grey. This Hoob piece is a perfect kit for beginners that is made using 100% stainless steel and a special long-lasting coating. 

Hoob SubAtom Black. Hoob SubAtom Black is one of the most revolutionary and solid hookahs produced by Hoob. Though small, it is uncompromised when it comes to performance, mobile enough for both outdoor and indoor use. It has a magnetic lock system that allows you to set up your hookah real fast and with utmost ease. Hookah SubAtom Black is only 12-cm tall and has an acrylic tank with gorgeous gold flakes. 

Hoob SubAtom Space Grey. Hoob SubAtom Space Grey is a stunning compact Hoob hookah piece that measures only 12-cm in height. It comes with a modern and minimalistic design with a magnetic lock system. It is small but mind-blowing.

Do not forget to check out these magnificent Hoob Hookahs only on Zahrah.

Order Wholesale Hoob Hookahs at Zahrah

Now you can order Hoob Hookah bulk on Zahrah at an exclusive wholesale price. Log into your wholesale Zahrah account, add your favorite items in desired quantity to the cart and check out the best wholesale Hoob Hookah deals we have for you. 

Order for $135 or more at Zahrah and enjoy free shipping across the US. Go ahead, get ready for a heavenly session with Hoob Hookah. Check out our enlisted Hoob Hookah on Zahrah right now!

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