Oduman Hookahs: The best exotic European hookahs



As you may all know, Zahrah offers a variety of products on this website not just limited to Zahrah's own manufactured products. We often team up leading brands from around the world to offer their great products to our customers. One brand that has been a sensation over the last few years in Europe is Oduman. Oduman brought its fine line of hand blown glass hookahs to market in 2014 and since then have risen to become one of the most recognized glass hookah brands. Some of their most popular designs include the Oduman N1, Oduman N2 + Oduman N2 Travel, Oduman N3, Oduman N4, and the newest of them all Oduman N5-Z.

As we continue our weekly sale tradition here at Zahrahusa.com, we will be discounting Oduman Hookahs this week so you can have a chance to bring home one of their exotic European style hookahs.

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