Al Fakher Shisha Mixes

Our Top Picks For Al Fakher Shisha Mixes

Al Fakher tobacco is a perfect mixer for shisha combinations thanks to their vast variety of flavors and their juicy factor that helps the flavors combine easier. So, here is a list of the top hookah-shisha mixes you can get from Al Fakher, but feel free to change it up a bit by adding or changing as you see fit. To prevent using Al Fakher before every flavor, each flavor will be capitalized for easier reading.

Cherry lemonade. This mixture is created using a small amount of Al Fakher Grenadine, a bit more of Cherry and fifty percent of Lemonade. Add the three flavors in one bowl to have a perfect, sweet and tarty blend of cherry lemonade. The Grenadine flavor helps add the extra sweetness that is needed but you can always replace it if you prefer a tartier flavor. You may also replace the regular Lemonade with Lemon Mint for a minty, refreshing cherry lemonade. This one is best to blend all three beforehand but you can choose the layering method as well, though it will be more complicated.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch. If you loved this sugary cereal as a kid, you will have a flashback with this combination. It is a super sweet, creamy flavor that offers a relaxing flavor. To get it, you should mix equal parts Cinnamon and Coconut, with double portion of Vanilla. As with the peach cobbler, you should mix the cinnamon and coconut first and then add to the bowl. Layer the Vanilla on top and add another amount of the cinnamon and coconut mixture on top of that. You may also try to blend all three flavors together for a slightly different experience.

Lemon Rose. This is another lemony flavor but now with a touch of Rose. It is a 50-50 combination of both Al Fakher Rose and Lemon tobacco. It remains a very popular combination throughout the world and can be spiced up with Vanilla for a creamier combination. You can choose to blend before adding to the bowl or layering the flavors, with each method you will obtain different results.

Peach Cobbler. If you enjoy the pie version, then the shisha version will also suit you well. To make peach cobbler, you’ll need equal parts Cinnamon and Vanilla, mixed with a double portion of Al Fakher Peach. Blend the cinnamon and vanilla flavors together first before adding the peach on top.

Banana Split. Who doesn’t enjoy a banana split? You can achieve this amazing sundae with Al Fakher combinations of Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry Cream and Banana. To set it up in the bowl you will need 30% of Vanilla blended with 20% of Chocolate and laid in one half of the bowl. Following that, you will blend equal parts of Strawberry Cream with Banana and put it throughout the other half of the bowl. It is now ready to smoke!

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