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Our Top Picks For Starbuzz Flavors


Starbuzz Tobacco features 70 different flavors to choose from and they keep adding to their supply line! For that reason alone, and of course, because of their deliciousness, Starbuzz has become one of the most popular hookah shisha companies out there. These are the best Starbuzz flavors to try so keep a notepad ready to write down your next flavor! Gotta taste them all!

Pumpkin Pie - October is coming and you see all the pumpkin spiced novelties coming out then it is time for you to also bring out your Pumpkin Pie shisha. It’s creamy and spicy at the same time, it’ll be a hit for the Fall.

Rose - You can taste the love with this floral flavor. It’s a subtle sweet flavor that will leave you smelling the roses afterwards.

Code 69 - This sexy flavor arouses and seduces all your senses with its fruity flavor that will outlast pretty much anyone, wink.

White Peach - Imagine having your very own peach cobbler to smoke! This flavor delivers it all with its sweet and scrumptious flavor.

Flower Power - If floral accents are your thing then you can’t die without smoking this flower powerhouse. It has notes of jasmine, rose and much more.

Melon Blue - If cantaloupe is your thing, then Melon Blue is what you’ve been looking for. It’s perfect for any season.

Sex on the Beach - A surprisingly unique shisha flavor that became an instant classic.

Pirate’s Cave - This combination of tangy and citrus flavoring will leave you wanting more! It’s a flavor that should be enjoyed at least once.

Blue Mist - This is a very popular flavor that should be in every hookah’s shisha storage compartment. It is tangy with a mix of blueberry.

We have the full catalog of Starbuzz flavors available on our store. Head on over to there to buy Starbuzz Tobacco.

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