Pack and Smoke Your First Hookah Like A Pro 

Pack and Smoke Your First Hookah Like A Pro 


If you are new to hookah and need some help to get started, you have come to the right place. Today, we are going to tell everything you need to know before setting up a hookah. Grab a pen and copy and commence ahead:

Things You Need

  • Hookah Stem + Vase. (Recommendation: Zahrah Spade 2)
  • Water. 
  • Hookah Bowl. (Recommendation: Clay Phunnel-shaped Hookah Bowl)
  • Hookah Hose. (Recommendation: Silicone Hose)
  • Fork (Optional)
  • Tobacco. (Recommendation: Blonde Leaf Tobacco for Beginners)
  • Foil. 
  • Toothpick/ Pin/ Poker.
  • Coals. (Recommendation: Coconut Shell Coals)
  • Burner. (Recommendation: Hookah Coal Burner that is 1000 watts or below that)
  • Flat Tongs. 
  • Heat Management Device (optional). 
  • Mouth Tips (If you are smoking in a group). 

Getting Started (Methodology)

  • Set up the hookah, get your base filled with water. For a good draw, you need water in the hookah base. Make sure your Stem should be an inch submerged in the water.
  • Get a couple of coals out, get them on the burner so they get ready by the time you finish packing.
  • Now, pack the bowl in such a way like you are sprinkling the shisha. Otherwise, use a toothpick or fork and poke it to make some air-pockets.
  • Next, you will have to wrap the bowl with aluminum foil; if you have HMD, then you need to use two sheets. Otherwise, one will be enough.
  • Then make some holes in the middle using a pin. Now make some more in circles all over the bowl. Place the bowl on the hookah.
  • See if the coals are ready, place them on the bowl, or in the HMD using a flat tong. If you are using aluminum foil only, then place them towards the edge.
  • Everything is done. You are all set to go.

Enjoy your first hookah!

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