Personal and Portable Hookahs


Personal  Hookahs

With the growth of the hookah industry in the last decade, more and more companies have come forth with innovative hookah designs. Zahrah in particular has been leading the way in modern and innovative designs by introducing breakthrough new products on a regular basis. We have brought many popular designs such as portable hookahs to market such as the Zaharh Z16 and the Z21.

The Zahrah Z16 is an all glass hookah with a smooth finish and a small portable design. It's design is modern and elegant from top to bottom. The smoking experience is as good as any traditional hookah out there on the market. But the best part of the design is its small form factor that allows it to easily be carried around.

Glass Hookahs

Additionally, the cousin of Zahrah Z16 is the Zahrah Z21 which features a similar design but with a slimmer form. Just like the Z16, the Z21 also creates a tremendous smoking experience. The Z21 is also built to be a portable hookah that is friendly for folks looking for a small hookah to carry on the go.

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