Petite but Powerful: Zahrah Mini Hookahs at Your Service

Petite but Powerful: Zahrah Mini Hookahs at Your Service


Zahrah has been manufacturing all glass hookahs since 2013. Our line of glass hookahs is not only extravagant to look at, they offer an exceptional smoking experience too. Over time, we have combined modern technology along with conventional designs to create some top-of-the-line pieces. Apart from the large artistic hookah, we have also got some small-sized Zahrah Mini Hookahs that you can never afford to miss. In today’s blog, we are going to talk about two small-sized but powerful Zahrah Mini Hookahs that will make your sessions more enjoyable. 

Regular Zahrah Hookahs: Concerns 

There are innumerable hookahs with unique designs, styles, and features. Traditional hookahs are tall, sturdy with the beautiful artistic design making them a perfect décor item that augments the beauty of your space. Such hookahs are stunning to look at, perform amazing, give out huge smoke output. Unfortunately, most of the hookah fans find these hookahs difficult to handle. First, they are hard to move around. Again, there are high chances that one can knock it over and break it. In such a scenario, large-sized hookahs are not that practical. As a result, most of the fans hesitate to use, and thus, they end up being a décor piece of your home. For this reason, Zahrah Mini Hookahs come for your rescue.

Benefits of Zahrah Mini Hookahs

Zahrah Mini Hookahs like Zahrah Genie Mini and Zahrah Ringer Mini are only 15-inches tall, which is neither too tall nor short. Besides being small, they offer a robust smoking experience. We have combined modern technology and mechanisms to make the pieces heavy-duty and light. From the design perspective, we opted for the conventional hookah styles with a carefree Bohemian vibe perfected with a modern anodized finish to prevent scratching or chipping of the paint. You can detach the Zahrah Mini Hookah Stem into parts making it super-convenient to wash and thus you can relish the flavors of your shisha better. 

Zahrah Ringer Mini Hookah

It is a gorgeous, sleek, and compact mini hookah with colorful rings and a glass base with gold artwork. comes in three vibrant color options. First in the black hookah stem with red rings, blue hookah with white rings, and rose gold hookah stem with white rings. It is a fusion of conventional design and modern craftsmanship, which makes it more purposeful, powerful, and practical for your smoke sessions.

Zahrah Genie Mini Hookah

This gorgeous hookah is a perfect table-top smoke option available in five vibrant colors, i.e. rose gold, red, black, blue, and olive-gray. Don’t let this petite hookah befool you. Zahrah Genie Mini Hookah smokes as good as any traditional hookah. 

Key Features of Zahrah Mini Hookahs

We have enlisted all the key characteristics of our Mini Hookah range for you. Believe it or not, these mini hookahs are only small but they smoke fantastic like any other large traditional hookahs. None can question their performance or smoke output. Let us quickly analyze the basic features.

  • Construction. We manufacture the entire hookah body with Aerospace 6061 aluminum that gives it robustness. The hookah stem comes with an anodized finish that prevents the paint from getting chipped or scratched off. 
  • Parts. Zahrah Ringer Mini and Zahrah Genie Mini Hookahs include a 6-inch high-grade aluminum tray, base rings made of rubber, a sturdy glass base, washable silicone hose.
  • Performance. Both the Zahrah Mini Hookahs have a purge valve and an exclusive chamber design that facilitate smooth pull in and exhale of flavorsome smoke. If you don’t like the sound of hookah, then the stainless-steel diffuser will ensure that you get a silent session.
  • Maintenance. The hookah stem design includes detachable parts. It also has a stainless-steel diffuser, which makes it easy to clean and maintain.
  • Portability. Apart from being easy to wash and maintain, the Zahrah Mini Hookahs are also effortless to store and carry. You can easily disassemble and fit it into your luggage. Take anywhere you like and smoke comfortably anywhere, anytime. You will never have to worry about knocking it off.

Bottom Line


If you are someone who has to travel a lot and miss smoking hookah on your trips, then Zahrah Mini Hookah is the best travel-friendly hookah for you. It is sturdy, durable, and performs like a beast. Undoubtedly, you are going to blow some humongous smoke clouds with them. Coming to the price, if you only need the hookah stem, along with the basic accessories, then it will cost you only $109. However, you can have a complete set which includes a Zahrah Handmade Clay Bowl and a kilo pack of coconut shell charcoals, then it will come for only $129.

Hurry, order your Zahrah Mini Hookah now!

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