Premium HookahJohn Bowls and Charcoal Overview

Premium HookahJohn Bowls and Charcoal Overview


Zahrah always tries to offer you the best hookah sessions. For that, you need some high-quality hookah products. Today, we are offering you some of the premium-grade Hookah accessories created by renowned Hookah Enthusiast; HookahJohn or John. Whether you are an avid smoker or beginner, you will find these products very useful. So, let us check them out;


  • HookahJohn Titanium Coals. It is natural hookah charcoal made using raw coconut husk that was initially branded as Chronic Hookah but now better recognized as Titanium Hookah Coals. It is available in 1 kg boxes of flats and cubes. There is a lounge case option containing ten one-kg packs. Later he introduced Cubettes, which is a mini-cube design. 
  • HookahJohn Bowls. At present, John has some fantastic matte-finished hookah bowls that are hand-crafted in the United States using American clay;
    • Alien Hookah Bowl. It is a perfect hookah bowl to enjoy a great smoke session while saving on tobacco. HookahJokah Alien Bowl is a shallow bowl that underwent several tweaks and upgrades on time. You only need around 15 grams of tobacco and three charcoals for an outstanding session when using this bowl.
    • Harmony Hookah Bowl. A Harmony hookah bowl is almost an inch wider than an alien bowl, which creates more interior room. However, it is the Retro Harmony Bowl by HookahJohn that impressed all. It is similar in design, with the same diameter but the reduced depth and expanded spire. 
    • Ferris Hookah Bowl. A bowl collection is undoubtedly incomplete without a Ferris Hookah bowl, which is much like a Harmony bowl but with a lifted lipped outside and lowered interior. It goes perfectly with your Heat Management Devices; be it is Lotus or Phoenix.
    • 80Feet Hookah Bowl. John has improvised the original structure to reduce its tobacco consumption. It is good at heat retention and can easily keep up with a two-hour-long smoke session.

Whatever bowl you may choose, you will find the HJ collection of Hookah products fun and convenient. Waste no time, check out HookahJohn Hookah Accessories here!

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