Quick Light Charcoal vs Coconut Charcoal

Quick Light Charcoal vs Coconut Charcoal


Hookah Coals, there is much to give an introduction, but they do make a big difference to your hookah flavors. In this blog, we will see which one is better Quick Light or Coconut Coals and share some cool tips on coals. Let’s start.

Quick Lights vs. Coconut Coals

There are two kinds of coals; the Quick Lights and the coconut coals. It is said that coconut shell coals are much better than Quick Lights and recommended by the avid hookah-smokers. Let’s find out why so:

  • Quick Lights: They light up very fast but change the taste of the hookah. They contain accelerants like gun powder which is terrible for you. Lastly, they don’t last long.
  • Coconut Coals: They are organic and natural, made from coconut shells. They don’t alter the flavor of your hookah and last longer. However, one needs a stovetop or hookah coal burner to heat them.

What to Do When You Don’t Have Burner or Stove Handy?

Suppose, you have don’t have a burner, and you want to smoke hookah with Coconut Coals. You got some Quick Lights and Coconut Coals. Here’s a quick tip, lit up a few Quick Lights and use them to light up your Coconut Coals. Take a metal bowl, make a foil dome on it, place heated Quick Lights at the bottom of it. Place some Coconut Coals on it, close the dome – leave two openings for airflow.

Best Way to Heat Up Coconut Coals

Place the Coconut shells on the burner in an angle. Put more cubes in a circular placement with very little airgaps with the other cubes. It creates a heat vortex which helps to light them up faster. Rotate them, so they are heated to perfection.

Coconut Coals

They come in different sizes and shapes like cubes, flats, and hexagons. If using an HMD, you need coals depending on how hot you want it to be. If you aren’t using foil only, you will need 3 to 4 of them. Place the coals towards the edge, so they heat your bowl evenly. If your smoke cloud is dense, you may need some extra or turn them around but if the clouds are harsh, remove coals.

With that, we hope you will be able to enjoy your hookah better!

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