Regal Hookahs Available Now at Zahrah

Regal Hookahs Available Now at Zahrah


If you are a hookah enthusiast with an eye for something luxurious, something beautiful, then you have come to the right place. At Zahrah, we intend to offer you an extraordinary smoking experience that you may have never undergone before. Zahrah is a one-stop solution to all your hookah needs regardless of how diverse your requirements are. We bring all the exclusive hookahs and hookah accessories from famed brands under one roof so you can conveniently pick the ones you like with utmost ease. Now, you do not need to toggle between different online hookah stores to find what you want, because you will find everything right here on Zahrah. And this week, we bring you the opulent hookah pieces from the house of Regal Hookah.

Regal Hookah

The hookah industry is packed with a wide range of hookahs. There is always a hookah type for every shisha smoker. However, if you are someone with an extreme fondness for everything majestic, Regal Hookahs are just for you. Founded in the year 2009 in the United States, Regal Hookah is one of the few hookah manufacturers who have dedicated themselves to combining truly exotic pieces with high-quality materials and craftsmanship. In the past, they kept their production low but over time demand for their majestic hookahs has increased and now they are available online on Zahrah.  Regal Hookahs are all about elaborated aesthetics. The weldless hookah pieces are created using aerospace-grade Aluminum and exquisite hardwood. They strive to break convention without compromising on quality or performance. Get ready to indulge yourself in an unrivaled luxurious smoke session with Regal Hookahs.

Different Regal Hookah Pieces You Can Order at Zahrah

They have an enticing range of hookahs featuring strength, durability along with luxury, precision, and extravagant detailing. At Zahrah, we bring you some of the most renowned Regal Hookahs that you cannot afford to miss. Here, take a look.

Regal Hookah Coal Tray. The manufacturer crafted this eye-catchy coal tray using the same aerospace-grade aluminum material used for making the rest of the hookah. It is an 8 ¼- inch wide coal tray, which is big enough to catch all the flying ashes and hold all your coals. The tray got a black matte anodized finish with an engraved logo to match the Regal shaft. Now, you will never have to worry about the color getting faded off or the tray getting rusted.

Regal Hookah Crown Coal Tray. The manufacturer set your standards real high with this magnificent crown-like anodized aluminum coal tray with matte black veneer. It got a width of 8 ¾-inches, a height of 2 ¾ inches, and a center opening of 1 3/8 inches. It goes perfectly with the new and generation three Regal Hookahs.

Regal Bishop Hookah Stem. This 22-inch tall grandeur Regal Bishop Hookah Stem is the epitome of chic royal beauty. It is extra-wide stainless steel down stem with a unique purge valve design and gorgeous wood finish, that makes this piece splendid. The stem comes in three magnificent shades; nutwood, redwood, and lightwood. Comes with a flat tray.

Regal Queen Hookah Pipe.  An outcome of detail-oriented craftsmanship, the Regal Queen Hookah Pipe is 28 inches tall and is made of maple wood. This gorgeous hookah stem got everything essential for flawless performance with utmost regal style. Available in redwood, nutwood, and lightwood shades. Comes with a flat tray.

Regal Joker Stem Hookah Pipe. Gorgeous high-quality stainless steel down stem with magnificent wood finish, unique purge valve design; Regal Joker Stem Hookah Pipe is not less than a beast when it comes to performance. The stem comes with a flat coal tray. The pipe is available in our featured tones of nutwood, redwood, and lightwood.

Make sure you check them out right away on Zahrah.

Buy Wholesale Regal Hookahs at Zahrah

Good news for all of you! Now you can order bulk Regal Hookahs on Zahrah. Log into your wholesale Zahrah account, add your favorite pieces to the cart and let us get the best wholesale deal for you. you can either pick one product in bulk quantity or multiple pieces in a single order, we will offer you the best wholesale deal that no one else could match. Moreover, if you shop for $135 or more, we will deliver your shipment anywhere in the country for free.

Get ready to become the star of the session with Regal Hookah. Waste no time, quickly browse through our enlisted Regal Hookahs for sale, and get started.

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