Review of Union Sleek Hookah Stem

Review of Union Sleek Hookah Stem


Union Hookah has more than a dozen varieties in its range of stems branded as Sleek. True to its name, all the hookah stems in this collection are sleek, and they are of premium quality. The range has quite a few distinct variants, such as Standard, Acrylic, Crackle, Comic, and Hybrid. The midsize hookah stem comes in several color combinations, but the hookah package does not include a base, a hookah bowl, or a hose. Let us dive into our comprehensive review of Union Hookah Sleek stem.

First Impressions of Union Sleek Hookah Stem

There are two noteworthy first impressions: the design and the material. The sleekness aside, the designs available are very pleasing to the eyes. There is nothing irreverent about the designs. The colors are bright but not oddly extravagant. There is an amazing subtlety in the shades of the colors used. There is barely a variant that will be displeasing to anyone.

The material is what makes Union Hookah stand out from many other brands. The entire stem is made of high quality stainless steel. You can practically feel the sturdiness and durability of the stainless steel when you hold the pieces. Even the pictures will give you a good sense of how reliable the base material is. The plastic housing the hose connector and the purge valve is also of premium quality. It is hard and resilient. The designed wooden piece on the stem is laminated, so it is waterproof.

Features of the Union Hookah Sleek Stem

The entire stem is just over nineteen inches with the diffuser at the bottom. Without the diffuser, the stem is around eighteen and a half inches. This length excludes the size of your bowl and the bit of the base that will be below the end of the down stem. This is a fitting midsize stem.

The stem is not one single piece. There are detachable parts. There are two distinct long parts. The upper part is the shaft and the lower part is the down stem. Then there is a small neck that needs to be put in after placing the tray. The tray is of exquisite quality, and entirely made of stainless steel.

The wooden design only covers the shaft or the upper part of the stem. The down stem is bare stainless steel. The hard plastic connecting the two major parts of the stem has stainless steel inside. At no point does plastic or wood get to interact with the smoke or water.

The Sleek stem from Union Hookah comes with rubber grommets. The detachable parts of the stem form a threaded connection. These do not need grommets. The large rubber grommet is for connecting the base. There is a rubber hose connector. The purge valve is inside the plastic chamber.

The Sleek stem comes with a handle. This is also made of stainless steel and has the wooden cover, much like the one on the upper stem. This handle can be connected to a hose of your choice and you can connect it using the provided connector.

User Experience of Union Hookah Sleek Stem

Union Hookah is known for its premium hookahs. This is not your entry level model with a highly affordable price tag. Naturally then, the expectations are also high. Union Hookah Sleek delivers on all such expectations.

The setup is easy. There is no false beat in the connectors, grommets or threaded parts. The down stem is quite long, so you cannot use this with a shorter and broader base. You will need a tall base, which could be broader but not at the cost of height.

The diffuser works perfectly. Draws or puffs are filling without any excess airiness or obstruction. The airflow is smooth, albeit partly dependent on the type of bowl and quality of heat management. The purge valve works effortlessly. Very few hookah stems have such an efficient purge.

On the flipside, the handle is not particularly large or long. Some people, especially those with big hands, may prefer a larger or longer handle for their hose. The connections are compatible with most types of hoses, so one can always interchange these components.

The purge valve is not easily accessible for a user. One needs pliers or tweezers to access it, which becomes a little cumbersome when the valve malfunctions or if it needs to be cleaned. Rest of the components can be cleaned effortlessly, given the stainless steel construction. The wooden design around the stem can be removed before washing and cleaning.

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