Setting Up Your First Hookah

Setting Up Your First Hookah


If you are looking for tips for setting up your very first hookah, you have come to the right place. We know, with so many options and friends’ opining it got very confusing and tricky. Relax! We will be giving you a detailed checklist along with some recommendations and tips to help you get started. So, let’s begin:

GOAL: to get started with a basic hookah setup (with tobacco and coal) with a maximum budget of $150.


  • Hookah (Budget - $60 or less) - Go for a small or medium-sized hookah with a height of 14 to 26 inches. They come with a tray and glass hookah base. If you get tongs with the pack, consider it’s a good deal.
  • Hookah Hose (Budget - $25 or less) - There are the traditional metal meshed hoses, disposable hoses, and silicone hoses in the market. Always go for the silicone ones – they are washable and more durable.
  • Hookah Bowl (Budget - $25 or less) - There are several options available for the bowls, but the phunnel-shaped clay bowl is ideal for beginners. It can hold 20 to 30 grams of hookah tobacco.
  • Coal (Budget - $16 or less) - The best coals to go with your hookah is coconut coals which are made from coconut shells. They are organic, last longer, and gives a nice clean flavor. You can get half a kilo for $8 which can last for almost ten sessions.
  • Burner (Budget - $30 or less) - The only drawback that coco coals have is that you need a hookah burner burner to light them up. One 1100w electric burner comes for less than $30. Heat them properly (they take around 10 minutes) or else they give a bad taste.
  • Heat Management System (Budget - $30 to $50) - You are just starting, so go for the aluminum foil that is readily available in every kitchen. Cover the tobacco-packed bowl tightly with it and poke some small holes on it for airflow.
  • Tobacco (Budget - $15 or less) - No matter what flavor you choose, go for the premium grade blonde leaf tobacco. They are smooth and easy-to-inhale.

Hope, you got the basics right. Now, take a minute to learn to pack the bowl and start smoking your first hookah!

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