Shisha flavors and How to choose them

Shisha flavors and How to choose them



Shisha is a generic term for a flavored tobacco kind, with a syrup-like consistency combined with various flavors typically smoked from a hookah. 

Today’s market of shisha flavors will blow your mind. If 10-15 years ago all we smoked was one or two flavors, now the excessive amount of flavors, their mixes, and brands of Hookah tobaccos can be extremely overwhelming! This blog is meant to help those of you who are looking for a perfect Flavored Shisha. An ultimate guide, if you will.

Basic Flavors

Some classic brands like Al Fakher, known as the best-flavored tobacco brand, offer simple flavors of Shisha that you can mix according to your own taste. It takes practice, skill, and good taste to be able to create a mix that you and your friends would love. With Al Fakher, your Hookah taste like Mint, Two Apples, Gum, Orange, Coconut, Sweet Passion Fruit, Blueberry, Peach, Cherry, Berry, Grape, Guava, Grapefruit, Fresh, Cocktail, Mango, Super Lemon Mint, Grenadine, Strawberry, Kiwi, Melon, Vanilla, and Watermelon. Or as a mixture of any of the flavors above. You can make your hookah taste sour, sweet, fresh, or even savory - it is all up to your taste or mood.

Mixing ratio

To find the best flavor of shisha that will blow your tastebuds and mind, you have to experiment. But there is a way to do it. It is highly recommended that you take one flavor as the primary tobacco, the one you enjoy the most. For example, something fresh and yet tasty like Watermelon. You can select Watermelon shisha tobaccos such as Adalya, Al Fakher, or Fumari. Then pick one to three of the other secondary tobacco flavors, such as Blueberry and Strawberry or just Melon. 50% of your total tobacco should be your main flavor. Meanwhile, the additional flavors should comprise only 10% to 20% each. 

Mixing Techniques

While mixing shisha, we have to keep in mind certain techniques. There are mainly three most popular ways to mix your shisha tobacco in a hookah bowl. The first one is Blending your shisha. You can simply mix the tobaccos you’ve chosen, go ahead and start smoking. You will taste the fusion of flavors at once, like a cocktail. And then there is a Sectioning. This method is great if you want to enjoy each flavor separately in tiny amounts. It is still mixed, yet there is more emphasis on each individual shisha flavor. The best one for the last, Layering. It is a combination of both of the techniques above, but better. Each flavor hits your tastebuds at different times, taking the hookah-smoking experience to another level! 


If you enjoy the sense of freshness while smoking, you can add Mint or Menthol. While many brands such as Starbuzz, Nirvana, and Al Fakher offer Mint flavor, not every Tobacco brand has Menthol. Yes, there is a difference! Adalya is one of the few brands that offer not only Menthol flavor, which they call Ice, but also Blue Dragon (Dragon Fruit with Menthol), Ice Bonbon (Sweet Popsicle with Menthol), Madagascar Nights (Lychee with Menthol), and many more! 

Unique Flavors 

If you’ve been smoking for a while and trying to explore new flavors, Eternal Smoke is a brand worth checking. It is a supreme hookah tobacco distributor with one-of-a-kind authentic flavors. They have 6 different series with different emphases. For example, the Romance Series which they call “fruits and passion," has tobacco flavors such as MILKIN’ COOKIES, DOLCE BANANA, MIDNIGHT PASSION, PISTACHIO KISS, and RED LIPS. They seem to be quite tempting mixes. Another tobacco series by Eternal Smoke desperately needs your attention is Enjoy. The line has 5 café style flavors for those who can appreciate a fine taste of these incredible shishas. To name a few: CAFÉ NOIR, MASALA CHAI, COCO CCINO, CHOCO DREAM, and the last, yet one of the best DARK BEAN. If the aroma of morning espresso in your hookah sounds like a dream, check out DARK BEAN Eternal Smoke shisha flavor

As far as individual flavors by other brands, we suggest trying El Patron by Chaos Tobacco. El Patron is sweet without being overwhelming. It is a cocktail of passion fruit, orange, and peach flavors, just like your summer drink. Element Tobacco offers a concept of four elements, Air (light), Water (average), Earth (strong), and Fire (very strong, unavailable as a shisha flavor). We recommend trying Cucumber Lemonade for those in favor of freshness and a bit of sourness, as well as Bellini, where velvet peach taste meets mint with a hint of champagne. One Night Stand by Overdozz brings the fantastic passion fruit and mango together for an unbelievable tropical flavor. For fans of tropical flavors, we also suggest trying Fumari’s CARIBBEAN COLADA, Eternal Smoke’s SMOOTHIE SUNSHINE, and Fantasia Shisha’s WILD MANGO. 

We can name all our favorites, but it will take a while. Instead, check out our Top 25 Shisha Flavors at Zahrah USA and choose your favorite hookah tobacco.

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