Shop the Exclusive Overdozz Premium Phunnel Bowls Only On Zahrah!

Shop the Exclusive Overdozz Premium Phunnel Bowls Only On Zahrah!


Hello and welcome to another weekly blog of ZahrahUSA. Today, we got exciting news for you. As you know a good Hookah set is not enough for a captivating smoke session. You need to have the best hookah tobacco to go with it, but more than that, you need the best hookah bowl for it. Overdozz, a renowned urban tobacco brand from Spain has recently introduced an exclusive range of amazing hookah bowls that you can’t afford to miss. And the best part is that you can check those high-quality pieces right here on


When it comes to relishing hookah sessions loaded with rich flavors and absolute fun, Overdozz is the only name worth mentioning. The manufacturer has an exclusive gamut of hookah shisha carefully crafted by infusing the real fruit flavors across the world into the finely cut Virginia Tobacco leaves. After offering you an irresistible concoction of fun and exotic flavors, now Overdozz brings you a gorgeous range of fantastic hookah bowls.

Overdozz Hookah Bowls

Presenting you the Overdozz Premium Phunnel Bowl G1, Overdozz Premium Phunnel Bowl G2 – B, and Overdozz Premium Phunnel Bowl G2 – W. They are available in a wonderful range of exciting hues. Overdozz Premium Phunnel Bowl can be paired with most heat management devices. It is a perfect fit for Starbuzz NAR. So, if you have NAR, and search for a high-quality clay bowl to go with it, Overdozz Premium Bowl G1 is your ultimate answer.

Best Features of Overdozz Hookah Bowls

  • Overdozz Hookah Bowls are made of high-quality white clay. Each and every Overdozz bowl is handmade in Spain. The white clay used for making these bowls is ideal for preventing your shisha from getting overheated. It also effectively maintains a constant heat flow throughout the entire hookah session.
  • The stunning Overdozz Premium Phunnel Bowls are crafted in Spain by a team of experienced hookah artisans. These hookah bowls are handmade in small batches. Don’t be surprised if the bowls differ slightly in color or shape. They are entirely handmade and hence may differ a little but that doesn’t interfere with their performance or beauty.
  • While the G1 bowl is 112mm tall, the Overdozz G2 Bowl is 110 mm tall. The latter has a 78mm bowl while the Overdozz Premium Phunnel Bowl G1 is 86mm wide which is perfectly compatible with the Starbuzz NAR. You can always use a pair of rubber grommets to facilitate a perfectly tight fit.
  • When it comes to the color, the Overdozz bowls come in many vibrant color combinations. For instance, Overdozz Premium Phunnel Bowl G1 comes in five colors like Burgundy top on white clay, followed by Purple, Blue, Red, and Green Red over White Clay.
  • Overdozz Premium Phunnel Bowl G2-B comes in five gorgeous colors like Lava, Space, Blue, Lilac, and Emerald. You need to take a good look to comprehend their beauty.
  • Lastly, we have the Overdozz Premium Phunnel Bowl G2-W only in Violet and Blue shades.

You can get these amazing Overdozz Hookah bowls for only $20.99. Check out the entire Overdozz Hookah Bowl range on and order your favorite one right now! Apart from Overdozz, we also have many hookah bowls from other brands. Don’t forget to check them out before ordering!

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