Shopping for the best hookah accessories


When it comes to decorating your hookah with great accessories, you need to be careful about your choices. What looks pretty on the outside may not always result in the best smoking experience. Luckily, we are help to help you find the perfect balance of hookah accessories that will satisfy all your needs and result in the best smoking experience you've ever had.

Starting with hoses, you cannot go wrong with the Aluminum D-Hose. This hose has no leaks and is comfortable to hold. The build quality is superb and is extremely easy to clean. This hose is meant to last years.

When it comes to bowls, it varies heavily from every smokers habits. For most users, they'll be fine with the Zahrah Hand Made Clay Bowls. These bowls have a great design that holds the shisha perfectly and lets it burn at a consistent temperature.

Now when it comes to selecting a base you have to get this one right otherwise it won't fit your stem. If you are using a traditional Egyptian hookah like a Khalil Maamoon, then going with the 12" Egyptian Hookah Base is your best option. These bases are sturdy and fit perfectly with Egyptian hookahs so that there are no air leaks preventing you from having a great smoking experience.

Right now our store is have a sale on all hookah accessories. Buy any accessory and instantly save 20% by entering the coupon code "ACCESSORIES20" at checkout. Let us know how you like your new hookah accessories.

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