When to buy a new hookah

Signs That You Should Buy A New Hookah


Hookahs are easy to take care of and can last many years but that doesn’t mean it should. If your hookah presents any of the following signs, it is time to get a new one!

It has rust. One tall tale sign that you need a new Hookah is any signs of rust. Rust can perhaps be cleaned, but it will be a long process and not something that should be considered if your hookah presents significant amounts of it. Rust is a hookah killer and instead of trying to revive your friend, it is best to purchase another one that is rust-free and keep it cleaned to prevent future rust.

Flavor ghosting. If while you smoke with your hookah you notice other flavors that have nothing to do with the current shisha in your bowl, it is time for another hookah pal. Flavor ghosting is normal to a certain point, but it can always be vanished with a proper cleaning of all accessories, especially the hose. However, if you still experience flavor ghosting after cleaning your hookah, then it is time to buy another.

Damaged hookah parts. An obvious sign that you need another hookah is if it has damage of any kind. Your hookah may still be in working order if the damage is slight, but you should still consider buying another one if it is visibly apparent. A proud hookah smoker will have a nice, undamaged hookah to smoke from.

It can be considered an antique. If you bought your current hookah many years ago, so many in fact that it can be considered an antique, then it is time for a new one. You may keep your hookah as a novelty or a memory, but it doesn’t mean you should still be smoking from it. Purchase one of the many, modern varieties available and modernize yourself.

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