Smoking tips for hookah users

Smoking tips for hookah users


Many hookah beginners have questions that might be embarrassing to ask experts in the subject. You can find answers to the most commonly asked questions in this reference page. Question categories include tobacco, coals and a general listing. Resolve your doubts on your own and if that is not enough, then ask a friendly hookah user in your life.

General questions

How can I produce gigantic smoke clouds? If you want dragon breath clouds, then you should make sure that your hookah is securely fastened. Use the correct grommets for your hookah in order to do this. You might also want to double check how you are packing your shisha in the bowl because there is a correct way to go about it!

How much water should I add to the base? The water level should be anywhere between one to two inches higher than the downstem opening.
What kind of bowl should I use? This will greatly depend on the type of shisha you are going to use. Juicier shisha requires a deeper shaped bowl for example. Traditionally, phunnel and Egyptian bowls are the go-to bowls.
How can I get rid of the leftover flavor from a previous smoke? You should consider having two hoses, one for certain strong flavors and the other for fruity ones. It is also important to switch hoses every few weeks. Giving your hose a rinse with clean water after every smoke will help avoid this as well. As an added measure, add a bit of lemon juice in the rinse.


What coals should I use? You would never guess that there would be so many types of coals to choose from. The ones you want are based on personal preference and the only way to find out which is best for you, is trying them out. You can find coals made from coconut, bamboo, wood, quick lighting and more.
How many coals should I use? For each session of smoking, you should consider heating up three or four coals. The coals will last anywhere from 30 to an hour, depending on the shape and size of the coals in use.
Can I reuse coals? Yes, you can reuse any coals that have not worn away too much. Using tongs, run them under water until cold. Let them dry out for a night and they are set to go.


How much tobacco do I put in the bowl? This question will vary depending on the type of bowl you are using. However, usually 15 to 25 grams of tobacco will do. Put enough until you almost fill the bowl up, packing lightly.
How long does tobacco last? Each brand of shisha will have a differing expiration date, but generally speaking, they should all have at least a 90-day freshness when stored correctly. You can store it up to two years if you place it in an air-tight seal and at room temperature.

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