Starbuzz Carbine Review

Starbuzz Carbine Review


Hey hookah lovers! It's time for this week's hookah review blog, Starbuzz Carbine Review. Lately, it has gained quite some exposure, that too for some excellent reasons. Today, we are going to find out what is so impressive about this hookah, and why would every hookah fanatic want it.

First thing first, Starbuzz released USA line of stems in 2014 that had quite some hype for its superior styling, beauty, and usefulness. Combing both the modern-ling machining systems and premium-grade aluminum downstems, Starbuzz created a big stir. Now again, it is back in 2018 with a bigger bang with Starbuzz Carbine hookah. It got more than any hookah fanatic could ask for; outstanding looks, unique features, everything. Let's study this bad boy in parts.

Carbine Base

It got four legs, but that isn't for show. Being adjustable in height, they add stability and allows you to place the hookah at a comfortable height so you can enjoy your smoke well. Besides, you can never ignore its knock-down beauty.

New 360ᵒ Rotating Hose Port

If you think we are nerds, we won't mind, but the 360ᵒ turning hose post has left us spellbound. It was so difficult to pass the aluminum hose to your friends without knocking down the hookah, but Starbuzz solved this concerns. If you not a fan of friendly hookah session, then you can just go with the traditional hookah. It is a datable port; you can remove it.

Flexible Metal Diffuser

Starbuzz is on a mission to enhance your hookah experience by replacing the traditional diffuser with an adjustable one. That rumbling sound is the main attraction.

Overall Look

From both the inside and outside, Carbine screams nothing else but quality. The rumbling sound and anodized finish are genuinely awesome. The aluminum hose is made of aluminum to make it durable yet it's light and comfortable to grip. It also has a submergible color-changing led-light, anodized tong, tray and a remote making it perfect for any fussy hookah connoisseur.

Our Verdict

We love it! Starbuzz has set the bar really high for all the future hookahs without compromising on the quality or functionality. We can say, Starbuzz Carbine Hookah has changed the entire hookah game! Looking for a new hookah for a group hookah smoking session? Order Starbuzz Carbine Hookah!

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