Starbuzz Nar vs Kaloud Lotus 2

Starbuzz Nar vs Kaloud Lotus 2


Hookahs come in all shapes and sizes, but so do heat management devices. This comparison review will focus primarily on two heat management devices, one from Starbuzz called Nar and the other from Kaloud Lotus, version 2. As the name suggests, an HMD is an accessory that manages the heat from the hookah charcoal used in hookahs. It is an important piece because it helps prevent overheating, which leads to an awful burnt taste in shisha that is hard to forget.

Kaloud has a wonderful presentation for its HMD, featuring a lovely black box and a unique design that prevents tobacco from touching the coal. It also features a key that helps you lift a hot lid without hurting your hands. Starbuzz has a simpler presentation that comes with a carrying case and two handles that need to be attached to the device. It also has a thermometer to measure the heat.

The Lotus II fits snugly on most hookahs and maintains a balanced setting but be careful when lifting with the key because it will slightly move the bottom part of the device. Its performance is smooth, and it helps produce thick clouds and smooth flavors. It is also quite quick to start off and will be ready in just five minutes. Since no coals touch the shisha, you are left with only the flavor instead of the coal taste. However, it is best for home usage instead of a lounge setting due to the fact that it won’t let you alternate the shisha once set without potentially leaving you with a huge mess.

Starbuzz’s Nar has a sturdy bottom base that leaves no room for messes thanks to its handle. The top part will only latch onto the bottom if the coals are not in the center, so make sure to leave a bit of room. The Nar also lets you open and close vents. The Nar requires more time to be ready, approximately ten to fifteen minutes, or else you will have wimpy clouds.

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