Stock up on charcoal and get 30% off!


This week Zahrah is hosting a sale for all charcoal products. When you buy any charcoal product from now til the end of the week, you will receive 30% off using the coupon code "CHARCOAL30" at checkout.

If you are interested in buying natural coconut charcoal, the new CocoUrth charcoals are amongst the best on the market right now. They burn with consistent heat for at least an hour under regular conditions. Or if you are inclined on sticking with tested products with a built reputation, we also carry Titanium Charcoal in multiple sizes and form.

However, if you are gearing towards picking up something that lights up quick so you don't have to wait for your hookah session to start, we suggest picking up the Ring Charcoal. They are perfect if you are smoking using the Kaloud Lotus. Furthermore, we now also carry the Crown charcoal which is an excellent choice for anyone looking for quick light charcoals.

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