The Best Quick Light Hookah Charcoals

The Best Quick Light Hookah Charcoals


Get your Hookah ready in just a few minutes with premium Quick Light Hookah Charcoals, an immensely popular source of heat among hookah lovers. Zahrah USA offers you an exclusive assortment of high—quality Quick Lights available in a variety of sizes that can comfortably fit into a hookah bowl regardless of its size. It happens to be an ideal option for beginner smokers as they offer utmost convenience and requirement little or no management during the hookah session. Moreover, if you are unable to use an electric coal burner or heater, then Quick Lights are great. 

What Is Quick Light Hookah Charcoal?

They are charcoal imbued with a chemical accelerant that lets you light them instantly with your regular lighter. Quick Light charcoal sparkles and starts burning quickly. You can start smoking your hookah within a couple of minutes as the tobacco gets heated. Depending on the size of the coal you can easily customize the heat output and the session duration. Though convenient and fast-burning, quick lights also have certain limitations in terms of burning time and flavor interference. You should use Quick Light Charcoal that does not give fumes while burning, as they alter the shisha flavor. Regardless of everything, if you require a quick and easy smoke session, go for Quick Lights to get started.

Best Quick Light Hookah Charcoal 

Choosing the best quick light coal may seem overwhelming. For this reason, we have hand-selected the best of all the Quick Light charcoal options available and curated them under one roof at ZahrahUSA. Check them out and see which one you would like to order for your next hookah session.

Three Kings Quick Light Hookah Charcoal. 

Since 1936, Three Kings Charcoal is considered to be the best charcoal tablet. It ignites instantly and easily with the standard hand-held lighter. It uses high-quality raw materials, extensively tested production methods to ensure you get long and smooth smoke sessions without producing any smoke or smell. Each pack contains ten rolls of ten tablets each. Depending on your requirements, you can pick them in two different sizes: 33 mm and 40 mm.

Starbuzz Quick Instant Light Hookah Shisha Charcoal. 

Starbuzz utilized coconut shells to make their premium instant lights. Being coconut shell coals, they perform great without adding any taste. The coals are shrink-wrapped to control moisture. It is available in two sizes: 35mm and 40mm in diameter. Each box contains ten rolls, each containing ten discs. 

Crown Hookah Charcoal. 

The bottom of the coal is crown-shaped to allow free movement of the hot air making it easier and comfortable to smoke. Because of its unique Crown shape, it is easy to light. It requires no adjustment throughout the session. It is prepared organically with a blend of European-origin wood material using strong-pressed manufacturing methods. For instant ignition, an exclusive combination of organic and food-grade components is used. No chemical accelerant is there. It is odorless and long-lasting, so you can enjoy a soothing smoke session that can last up to 60 minutes. One pack of 100 tablets measuring 40 mm in diameter.

CocoNara Quick Light Hookah Charcoal. 

Another premium-grade Quick Light option is CocoNara Quick Light Charcoals manufactured in Spain. It is tasteless and burns for up to 60 minutes. Now you can easily enjoy good long sessions without taking too much time to prepare your hookah. Only a cigarette lighter can get the coal all heated and ready in under a minute. CocoNara Quick Light Charcoals come in sizes of 33 mm and 40 mm in a box of 10 rolls, each with ten pieces.

Carbopol Quick Light Hookah Charcoal. 

Carbopol Quick Light is manufactured in Poland and offers you clean smoke with no taste added. It comes in the size of 35 mm and 40 mm. A single box contains ten rolls, each containing ten tablets. 

Ring Hookah Charcoal. 

These are the first ring-shaped charcoals measuring 38 mm in diameter that get fully ignited under 30 seconds with the standard lighter. Each box contains 20 rolls, each roll having five Ring Hookah Charcoal. Each of the Ring Hookah Coals can last for 40 to 60 minutes. 

Check out these top Quick Light Charcoals options without toggling between multiple hookah stores only at Zahrah. We also accept wholesale orders. If you have a bulk requirement, do not hesitate to log into our Zahrah Wholesale Section to browse our exclusive Zahrah wholesale deals. Nevertheless, on every purchase worth $135, we deliver your order for free across the nation. Hurry up; it is time to enjoy some shisha!

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