The best way to preserve your shisha

The best way to preserve your shisha


Storing your shisha properly ensures better quality and a longer shelf life. Proper storage includes keeping the package away from excessive heat, light, and air. After opening your shisha, it is best to remove it from the original packing (unless it is resealable) and seal it in an airtight container. You can choose to wrap your shisha in plastic wrap before transferring it to another container. Store all containers in a drawer at room temperature. Storage in a fridge is not necessary but can be considered if you lack an air-tight container, however, do purchase one quickly for better freshness.

Many shisha brands now offer resealable packages, such as Fumari Shisha. Ordinary containers bought from supermarkets can be used though, as long as you make sure that they do indeed seal out the air. Avoiding excessive heat and light will keep moisture levels at bay, and this in turn prevents mold and spoilage. Shisha is easy to store and depending on how large of a supply you own, it won’t take up too much space in your cabinets. Purchase quality storage containers for best results, many can be found with discounts.

Do not store used shisha flavors or different flavored shisha together, since this will produce unflattering results. Each flavor of shisha should have its own package or container in order to avoid unintentional flavor blending. Also, washing all containers properly is necessary for the same thing. Using the plastic wrap will greatly reduce any chances of left over flavor being retained.

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