The Best Zahrah Hookahs in 2021

The Best Zahrah Hookahs in 2021


Though it prevailed for centuries, smoking hookah has become a global trend these days. It used to be a cultural tradition symbolizing stature, friendship, trust, and union in the Middle East. Now, it is a big fervor across the world, especially in the US. Every few years there are huge changes in the Hookah industry. It has never been so dynamic and innovative as it is today. Keeping up with this everchanging hookah trend, Zahrah brings you the Best Zahrah Hookahs in 2021. They are gorgeous, functional, trendy yet very elegant, and chic. Get ready to have an enchanting smoke session with them.


Zahrah Spade 2 Hookah Stem is a stunning piece of art that looks chic and timeless but with an amazing modern touch. It has the emergence and feel of the earliest Zahrah Spade Hookah. It is a 22-inch-tall hookah stem. The hookah stem goes with any Egyptian or Bohemian glass base with a 48 to 50mm opening. What makes it a crowd favorite is that it supports four hoses so you and your buddies can enjoy a nice group smoke session without waiting for your turns. Zahrah Spade 2 Hookah Stem features an anodized finish, a purge valve for a smooth smoke release, a stainless-steel diffuser for a silent session, and a 9-inch aluminum try. The hookah is available in multiple colors but one in the black tone is very popular in 2021. Order Zahrah Spade 2 Hookah Stem for only $130.99.


A beautiful Bohemian-styled tabletop hookah, Zahrah Genie Mini Complete Hookah Set, is available in five hues like red, lake blue, black, silver, and gold. Genie Mini got a sturdy build, excellent peel and scratch-proof finish, smooth smoke release, and a noiseless operation. Together with the base, it is only 15-inch tall and comes with a 6-inch aluminum tray, rubber base rings, grommets, Zahrah clay bowl, and a premium mini bohemian base. It is the best choice for a quick on-the-go smoke session. Boon, the entire set comes for only $82.99.


Zahrah Ringer Mini Hookah is another popular petite tabletop hookah set that is only 15-inches tall when fully set up. It is a single-hosed hookah set completed with Zahrah Clay Bowl, Disposable Hose, Mini Bohemian Base, Rubber Base Rings, 6-inch Aluminum Tray. Though small it got everything including the sturdy built, built-in diffuser, purge valve for a smooth and quiet smoking experience. The gorgeous Zahrah Ringer Mini Hookah Set is available in the tones of Rose Gold, Black, and Blue. Take home this amazing Zahrah Ringer Mini Complete Hookah Set for only $56.70.


Get ready for an exciting smoke session with the very stunning Zahrah Spade Junior V2 Hookah. Fixed with the base, it measures 27-inches in height. It supports two hose pipes simultaneously, so you can ask any of your buddies to tag along with you for a hookah session. Along with the Zahrah Spade Junior V2 Hookah Stem, you will get rubber washers, ball bearings, a 9-inch-wide aluminum tray, base grommet. Any Egyptian or Bohemian-style base with an opening of 48 to 50mm will go with this hookah stem. With features like a scratch-proof anodized finish, built-in purge valve, stainless steel diffuser, this hookah is a complete crowd-pleaser. Moreover, it is available in six vibrant colors (silver, gold, brown, lake blue, black, red) to suit your personality and preferences. Order Zahrah Spade Junior V2 Hookah Stem for only $113.99.


Meet the very stylish Zahrah Genie Junior Hookah which is accessible in six attractive color shades like black, gold, red, brown, lake blue, and silver. Any Egyptian or Bohemian glass base will go perfectly with this stem. Unsurprisingly, it also features the sturdy construction using Aerospace 6061 aluminum, anodized paint finish, stainless steel diffuser, purge valve that makes this piece your best smoking partner. You can take the stem for only $113.99.

With so many hookah designs and styles in the market, it can be overwhelming for anyone to pick one hookah set. If you want something classic yet stylish that will go easy on your pockets, then you must check out the Best Zahrah Hookahs in 2021. At Zahrah, we bring the classic beauty of traditional hookah designs along with a modern touch and exceptional making that only enhances your smoking experience. So, get ready to pick your favorite among the Best Zahrah Hookah in 2021.

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