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The history of Al Fakher


 History Of Al Fakher

One brand that cannot fail you-in quality, price, or expectation-is Al Fakher. They don't have years in the market for no reason. When people are feeling mundane and prefer not to risk a Hookah session on an unknown brand or flavor, they will most likely smoke Al Fakher. It is reliable and good at the same time.

The grand expansion of flavors they market is another key in their steady comeback year after year. Shisha can be found in a variety of prices, flavors, and qualities but Al Fakher can be considered a baseline to compare the other stuff to. Widely available and affordable, users have grown loyal to the brand and will continue to keep Al Fakher in the top ten list for many years to come.

Every flavor, the best sellers and even the low-end ones (though I understand it is all based on personal preferences, but some flavors just sell more than others), will remain in stock and people enjoy the consistency that Al Fakher has shown.

For those reasons and more, Al Fakher has steadily won the race, like the turtle in the old tale The Tortoise and The Hare, because they wish to sell the most they can; and us, well we just wish to smoke good shisha.

Al Fakher


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