Ugly Hookah

The history of Ugly Tobacco


With their renown motto: Ugly never tasted so good, Ugly hookah tobacco has earned everyone’s high regards. Manufactured in the United States of America in small batches, Ugly tobacco is guaranteed to arrive fresh to your doorstep straight out of their cans. Ugly tobacco boasts of the use of natural honey and molasses, without the need for dyes and bleaches. The small batches are marinated locally to retain the fullest of flavors.

They offer a tremendous number of features, such as being fresh cut and long-lasting flavors. All batches are inspected for quality before being delivered. The shisha is made with smoothness and richness in mind. With so many different flavors being offered, even the pickiest of hookah smokers will find one that they enjoy. Find Orange Keef, Lemon Mint, Ma Wardi and more unique flavors on their local website with full descriptions so you know which ones to buy.

Ugly tobacco proudly sells a quality shisha that is good on the budget but more importantly, great on the senses. Experience fresh tobacco in any of their flavors right now. All cans are resealable and retain the freshness and visual aspect of the tobacco itself.

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