The top 10 tips and tricks every hookah enthusiast needs to know

The top 10 tips and tricks every hookah enthusiast needs to know


There are certain things every Hookah user should be able to do and this is a list of the Top 10 how-to’s you should know to be considered adept. Of course, many other things can be added but we shall name the most important tasks.

How to load a Hookah bowl - This is a necessity beyond necessary, pardon the redundancy. If you can’t fill a bowl, then you are not going to have a pleasant smoke. Get out there and learn how to do it properly!

Advanced Hookah bowl loading - Once you can load a bowl of Hookah properly, without reading a manual or guide, then you are ready to learn a few different packing methods to spruce up your repertoire.

How to clean a Hookah hose - Properly cleaning your hose will allow for a cleaner smoke and will keep any ghosting of flavors to a minimum, which anyone can appreciate.

How to store shisha tobacco - Fresh tobacco won’t stay fresh if you are unaware on how to keep it that way so read up on how shisha should be stored!

How to increase the buzz - Not everyone is opened to the idea of getting a buzz from the smoke session but knowing HOW TO get one is a must for those situations where you DO want to feel the buzz.

How to blow smoke rings - This is the most simple and basic trick that should be acquired with practice.

How to do advanced smoke tricks - Once you learn the basic smoke ring, it is time to upgrade your moves with more advanced tricks. Having another two to three tricks to show off with will boost your reputation.

How to fix your Hookah - Accidents happen all the time so knowing how to fix your Hookah is extremely wise!

How to upgrade your Hookah - If your Hookah is looking outdated, it is time to upgrade it and you should have an idea of what parts can get an upgrade without throwing away the whole thing!

How to clean your Hookah - Forget about just cleaning the hose, you must also learn to clean the whole hookah!

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