The Top 5 Flavors from Ugly Hookah Tobacco

The Top 5 Flavors from Ugly Hookah Tobacco


Ugly Hookah packs a punch and is not normally recommended for beginners due to its high buzz, but moderately to highly experienced smokers will love its smooth flavors and dense clouds. Ugly uses a blend of natural honey and molasses to sweeten its wide range of flavors. It is also a proudly made USA product that gets its tobacco from Virginia. According to the general public, there are five essential flavors from Ugly that all smokers should try at least once. We are here to introduce you to them.

One of the top citrusy flavors is Orange Keef. It is sweet and tart at the beginning, like biting into your very own orange. Towards the end, you will taste the cooling mint that finishes the experience. It has become a flagship flavor in many gatherings. Another tropical flavor that has quickly become popular is Ugly’s new Hurricane flavor that features a mix of mango and lemonade. It works great as a standalone flavor or a mix for summer blends.

Another fan favorite is Marcoje, which is like enjoying a fruit cocktail. Marcoje consists of a memorizing blend of mixed berries and guava. You’ll see the differing notes of berries while you inhale and experience the guava undertone on all exhales. It is a serious treat coming in and going out.

Yet another fruity blend from Ugly Hookah is named MaWardi and boasts juicy peach and mixed fruits in its flavoring. It’s a crowd pleaser no matter the season.
A favorite tropical blend from Ugly that is ready to please is known as Hit Me. Hit Me provides users with an amazing combination of sweet pineapple and mint. As you smoke though, you will also notice slight notes of other tropical fruits in the mix. It’s a surprising delight for your taste buds.

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