The Zahrah Bohemian Hookah Bases Have Arrived

The Zahrah Bohemian Hookah Bases Have Arrived



The long awaited Zahrah Bohemian hookah bases are finally available to purchase. First unveiled at the TPE show in Las Vegas this year, the Bohemian bases have become the talking point for one of the hottest new hookah accessories. Those of you who got to hold the base know it is no ordinary base. The Zahrah Bohemian base is noticeably heavy and sturdy. The base is handmade and imported directly from Czech Republic. Using the fine glass craftsmanship and the finest materials available in the world, the bases feature a permanent golden etching carved right into the glass to prevent it from scratching or fading away over time. The heavy duty glass used to make the bases is one of a kind that weighs in at 4lbs.

The Zahrah Bohemian bases are available in 5 colors that include black, blue, amber, green, and crystal clear. The color of the glass is mixed withing the glass rather than being painted on afterwards. This ensures the color of the glass stays true to its nature over time after hundreds of washes unlike paint based solutions. The base comes in two separate designs with one featuring a large Zahrah logo while the other design plays it safe and simple with gold etching around the base.

The Zahrah Bohemian bases are sized to fit all Egyptian style hookah stems including modern designs such as the Zahrah Spade. You can pick up a Zahrah Bohemian base now from our online store.

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