The Zahrah New Year Sale: Enter 2017!


2016 was a phenomenal year for Zahrah. But 2017 is looking to be even better. Our first sale heading into the new year will be across our entire store with 15% off all items when you enter the code "2017" at checkout. 

We started this year off with a new website design to let our customers browse our website more efficiently than ever before. Fast forward a couple months to TPC 2016 and we introduced our new all glass hookahs of 2016 the Zahrah Z16 and the Z21. Both hookahs are excellent performers with excellent design and form factor.

We also introduced accessories such as Egyptian clay bowls in a variety of colors that are all handmade. They come in different shapes and sizes so pick the one that suits your smoking style.

And finally to end the year, the Zahrah Spade hookah stem was a sensational hit across the hookah industry. Reviews are pouring in daily and they all stress on how smooth the hookah hits. 

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