Fumari Tobacco Flavors

Top 3 Fumari Tobacco Flavors


Fumari Tobacco Flavors

Fumari is known for its incredible cloud and tasty experience. It is also known to be a bit on the pricey end, no matter which flavor you desire. However, there are three Fumari tobacco flavors that every person should try out because they are worth it! The three flavors are Orange Cream, White Gummi Bear, and Spiced Chai.

Orange Cream: Cotton candy smell and dry taste. Very light orange flavor, almost tangerine. Not a vanilla cream but a milky taste. The overall taste fades away quite quickly.

White gummy bear: Taste exactly like the white gummy bears with great smoke experience. Taste can be compared to a candy pineapple flavor. The shisha is very wet but not from glycerin. It has a medium flavor to it and eventually fades off. It is a great tobacco that is not sickly sweet.

Spiced Chai: It tastes like Chai tea but with clove and cinnamon. It is a spiced chai shisha, not just chai. Spiced chai has amazing clouds and the flavor dies down a bit after smoking, which keeps the harshness out. It is a nice mix of spices and chai and can morph into different flavors as the session goes on. In the beginning it is more robust and stronger.

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