Top 3 Mazaya Flavors

Top 3 Mazaya Flavors


Mazaya is among the few brands in the world dealing in premium hookah tobaccos or shisha flavors. The company uses only the finest quality French blonde tobacco for all its shisha flavors. Their unique manufacturing process involves pure honey, medical glycerin, and food grade natural flavors that do not contain any alcohol.

Mazaya is one of the rare hookah brands known for their environment friendly policies, including the sourcing of raw materials, processing of the various ingredients, and the entire manufacturing line. It is hence unsurprising why the company has succeeded in becoming one of the major players within a relatively short period. Most competitors have been around much longer than Mazaya. Yet, Mazaya is now at par with the top players in the industry in terms of popularity and product quality.

Top 3 Mazaya Flavors

Mazaya has scores of distinct flavors. All shisha tobaccos made by the company are just the leaves with all other ingredients given a particular flavor formula. Mazaya flavors do not contain any stems, only tobacco leaves.

While there are many bestsellers in the company’s inventory, the top three Mazaya flavors right now are Gum, Gum with Mint, and Lemon Mint. All three come in 250 grams packs. The Gum with Mint and Lemon Mint are also available in 1000 kilograms tubs.

  1. Mazaya Gum

Mazaya Gum brings back all the nostalgia of the era when chewing on delicious sweetness was not just in vogue, but an integral part of daily life. Mazaya is definitely replicating the cultural phenomenon that was not limited to any one part of the world. The simple but delightful confectionery has now returned to be a part of our lifestyle in the form of Mazaya Gum.

Mazaya literally labels this shisha flavor as Chewing Gum. The hookah tobacco flavor comprises natural gum molasses. There is no artificial or synthetic ingredient whatsoever. Open the pack and you will be greeted with the exciting yet familiar smell of sweet gum. The flavor isn’t too sweet or fruity, though. Mazaya Gum works great as a standalone flavor. You may also use it as the base for a blended profile.  

  1. Mazaya Gum with Mint

Mazaya Gum with Mint gets even better. If chewing gum is delectable, then a dash of spearmint makes it refreshingly more enjoyable. Straight out of the pack, Mazaya Gum with Mint feels fresh and alluring. Don’t expect menthol or any excessive cooling sensation. The flavor is still dominantly a gum, but with generous tinges of mint.

Like the straightforward Gum flavor, Mazaya Gum with Mint offers a great standalone smoking experience. You may blend it with other flavors, but try not to overdo the mint. The mint in this flavor is already soothing. There is a tad cooling effect, too.

  1. Mazaya Lemon Mint

Mazaya Lemon Mint is a zesty flavor that delivers a soothing inhale and refreshing exhale. The natural lemon is neither sour nor sweet. The mint is as fresh as it can be in a shisha tobacco flavor. The lemon is slightly more dominant than the mint, which is what many users tend to prefer.

Mazaya Lemon Mint smells zesty when you open the pack. You can also smell the mint there. The lemon is more pronounced during inhale. The mint makes its presence felt more during exhalation. The blonde leaf tobacco lends itself perfectly to the freshness of both lemon and mint.

Given the nature of this blend, Lemon Mint can be mixed with other Mazaya flavors, especially if you want to infuse your session with some sweetness or fruitiness. You may also experiment with some cocoa or creamy flavors with this. The zesty lemon and fresh mint can complement lighter and bolder flavors.

Expert’s Tips about the Top 3 Mazaya Flavors

Mazaya flavors are delicate. The company uses only natural ingredients, so you should try to use organic charcoal instead of the quick lighting variants. Instant light charcoal lends an artificial taste and smell that will adversely affect the natural goodness of these flavors. All the three flavors listed here are sensitive. Any external influence in its flavor or texture will affect the quality of the smoke.

Do not use more than three standard charcoal pieces. If you have a very small hookah bowl, you may begin with three but scale down to two pieces after the tobacco is sufficiently heated. Blonde leaf tobacco does not respond well to high heat. Also, the Mazaya flavors don’t contain excessive molasses, so they may turn drier and could burn if you put too many charcoal pieces atop the foil or in a heat management device.

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