Hookah Bowls

Top 3: Modern Hookah Bowls


 Modern Hookah Bowls are :

Alpaca bowls, Kaloud Vitria and Apple on Top by far.

Most people will say that it is solely based on preference but I beg to differ. Preference and interests are involved in certain situations, such as color, appearance and make. However, the way a bowl is crafted and shaped will determine to a certain extent how shisha is burned and therefore smoked.

A good quality bowl should last you a certain period of time, should be sturdy and resistant and provide an adequate space for proper packing. Most are standardized in shape, size, and depth but there are a few key differences to look out for. Clay bowls can be porous or smooth; if that impacts the quality of the smoke has yet to be proven though.

Most bowls will only vary slightly, even amongst competing for brand lines such as the ones mentioned above. Whether you choose a harmony or a phunnel bowl, the gist is selecting one that appeals to you and your standards without worrying too much about the brand name. It is safe to say that a Hookah bowl from Alpaca, Kaloud or Apple will leave you satisfied thanks to their high standards of quality and performance. 

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