Top 3: Modern Hookahs

Top 3: Modern Hookahs


With so many choices to go with when shopping for a new hookah, it helps to have it narrowed down to a top 3 list. These are the top three modern hookahs that your collection cannot go without!

Experience one of your best smoke sessions using either the Zahrah Spade hookah, the Regal Prince hookah, or the Wooden Wookah. All three are quality made hookahs with the user in mind. Read more about the characteristics of each to determine which of the top three you should buy first.

The Zahrah Spade hookah weighs about 4 pounds and has an excellent build. It comes in beautiful bright colors and has an elegant style to it. You can connect up to 4 hoses thanks to the available ports. It features a wonderful airflow and an effortless draw plus it's also easy to clean. The colors come in a matte finish. 

The Regal Hookah, normally referred to as Prince hookah, is a wooden apparatus with varying finishes that result in a very beautiful and unique hookah meant for royalty. Two recessed hose ports allow a secure and tight connection. The combination of mixed wooden and stainless steel accents will make the Prince one of your favorite go-to hookahs. Thanks to the design, it features a very open draw. It is made from very high quality materials that should last you quite a long time but requires proper care to avoid scratches, blemishes and damage to the wooden parts.

Last but not least is the Wooden Wookah. This Wookah screams out quality and uniqueness. Built with a lean and straight look to it, the Wookah is another smoking machine that will leave you wanting more. It is more sleek and less fuss for a straightforward aspect. It is made from quality wood and allows for excellent airflow.

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