Top 5 Hookah Heat Management Devices

Top 5 Hookah Heat Management Devices


Welcome to Zahrah, your ultimate hookah paradise where you can find everything you require to have an exceptional smoking experience. One thing that elevates the entire hookah experience is a good HMD or heat management system. Every day, new heat management devices with unique designs and features are getting introduced. With so many options available in the market, it often gets overwhelming for anyone planning to purchase a quality HMD. Today, we have picked and assessed the top five heat management devices for you.

NAR Head by Starbuzz

NAR Head is a proud creation of Starbuzz that allows hookah lovers better control over the ignited hookah charcoals and flavor output. It comes with a heavy-duty material that utilizes convection and conduction to transfer heat. Starbuzz NAR Head comes with a built-in thermometer that helps you to screen the hookah temperature accurately. It features a unique metal case design that keeps the coals lit and prevents the ashes from falling onto the tobacco so you can enjoy its pure flavor profiles. Along with the NAR Head, comes a pair of detachable rubber handles that allows you to handle your HMD with utmost ease and safety. Starbuzz suggests you preheat the lower HMD plate on a coal burner alongside the hookah charcoal to quicken the shisha heating process.

Kaloud Lotus 1+ Heat Management Device

After the grand success of Kaloud Lotus, they decided to evolve their signature piece. Here comes the Kaloud Lotus 1+ Heat Management Device, a better, bigger, and stunning version of Kaloud Lotus, constructed with high-quality material generally used in the medical and aerospace industry. It is designed to standardize the transmission of heat from hookah coal to shisha. The HMD can significantly prevent the passage of volatile gases, ash, and other particles from coal to tobacco. Therefore, the smoke becomes smoother, tastier, enduring, and cleaner.

AOT Provost II Heat Management 2.0

The Provost II Heat Management Device is a perfect accompaniment to the AOT hookah bowl, but it can also go with other standard-sized hookah bowls. It perfectly sits on top of it and performs like a wind cover, as well as a heat management system. There are two parts, a bottom platter, and a rotating top. With this, you can bring down your charcoal consumption to half yet enjoy an extended smoke session. The HMD is manufactured with premium quality materials like silicone, stainless steel. It is meant to be strong and lasting.  It offers better airflow and keeps the bowl hotter for a longer time, unlike its previous version.

Na Grani HMD

Now comes the elite Russian-made heat management system with an exclusive "open" heating setup, called Na Grani HMD. The setup lacks a top cover for Russian-styled hookah smoking. It is a stainless-steel shisha pipe heater that can be used with up to three cubes of charcoal, depending on the smoke strength you like.

Apple on Top AOT Hookah Shisha Bowl

The AOT Hookah Shisha Bowl has taken a fresh take on the conventional hookah bowls. The vortex-styled hookah bowl features an aluminum core that prevents the shisha juice seeping into the hookah. Encircling the core is a silicone sleeve allowing you to manage the bowl with sheer ease as it will always be cool to touch. On top of it sits a charcoal screen with a slick apple leaf-shaped handle. It may not be like a traditional HMD, but its resilient design will surely enhance your experience. Moreover, it is available in a range of fun, vibrant colors to match your hookah set.

While there are many more amazing Heat Management Devices in the market, the enlisted pieces are the most popular pieces preferred by seasoned hookah lovers. The main objective of the HMD is to provide the right amount of heat to your shisha while protecting the coals from wind and preventing the ash and other harmful gases from passing onto the shisha. Therefore, consider all the elements like the air vents, handles, design, built-quality, handle, ease of use while ordering your HMD. After all, it is the heat that matters the most. Proper heat can bring out the real flavors from your shisha and make your session a memorable one. At ZahrahUSA, we have an extensive collection of premium-grade Heat Management Devices that will upgrade your session to the next level. Not to forget, on orders worth $135 or more, we get your order shipped to you anywhere across the nation for free.

Rush, check out our extensive HMD collection before you order one.

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