Top 5 Starbuzz Shisha Flavors of 2020

Top 5 Starbuzz Shisha Flavors of 2020


For around fifteen years now, Starbuzz has been among the most favorite shisha brands for both beginners and connoisseurs. Very few companies have rewritten the rules and dictated trends the way Starbuzz has in recent years. If there was a prize for the most competitive and pioneering hookah brands of the decade, then Starbuzz would have won the last edition.

As we end the year of the pandemic on a hopeful note of being vaccinated sometime soon, let us also hope that the rest of the decade doesn’t have anything remotely as dreadful in store. Instead, every shisha enthusiast should get to try and experience at least one of these top five Starbuzz flavors of 2020.

Starbuzz Bold White Chai

Starbuzz surprised many, pleasantly of course, when they rolled out their Vintage collection with several shisha flavors using dark leaf tobacco. Similarly, the Bold collection has been equally impressive. One of the finest Bold shisha flavors from Starbuzz is the White Chai.

Starbuzz has added quite a few chai flavors in recent times, and each has managed to hold its fort with certain distinctness. Bold White Chai is not your typical vanilla flavoring or minty smoke. The White in the name is actually a reference to peach. It is rare to find a smoker who doesn’t enjoy white peach. So, this blend of white peach and chai has won over many hearts, including connoisseurs who are otherwise rather demanding.

Starbuzz Bold White Chai is sweet, but not excessively. The smoke has a creamy texture, so one feels a bit of heft. It is always nice to inhale or exhale dense smoke, as long as there is not residual aftertaste. Starbuzz is quite generous too in this instance, given the sheer presence of peach flavor. Neither the chai overpowers the white peach nor is it the other way around.

Starbuzz Bold Spiced Chai

Since we started off with our top five with a chai variant, let us cover the other popular flavor in the same family. Starbuzz Bold Spiced Chai belongs to the same spiritual brethren, but brings its own unique characteristics.

Almost every child and probably all adults too are vulnerable to the aroma of sweet cinnamon. When you open the can of Starbuzz Bold Spiced Chai, the aroma would make you nostalgic and tempt you to no end at the same time. Beyond the initial euphoria, the Spiced Chai flavor has quite a few tricks, whether it is the creamy undertone or the delightfully spicy texture.

Starbuzz Egyptian Pharaohs

There are many shisha flavors that toy with coffee, cocoa, coconut, and other popular extracts. Not too many tend to venture into the world of tea. Starbuzz, in a way, pays homage to the land where contemporary shisha or hookah originated, Egypt.

One can debate if the pharaohs did smoke hookah or shisha the way we do. What is beyond dispute is the wonder this flavor is. Egyptian Pharaohs belongs to the original line of shisha flavors from Starbuzz. This flavor is quite unique, especially owing to its texture. The aroma is earthy. The taste and fragrance work wonderfully, as you inhale and exhale. There is a lot happening when you smoke this flavor, and you can keep pondering over the subtleties.

The fine manner in which Starbuzz Egyptian Pharaohs blend the creaminess with sweetness, the strong tea flavor with a hint of spiciness is worth commending. Those who are particularly fond of flavors toying with the sensibilities of their palate would always enjoy a session of Egyptian Pharaohs.

Starbuzz Exotic Passion Fruit

This is undoubtedly the age of blended flavors. Even beginners who have barely tried a handful of flavors tend to gravitate away from singular profiles, mostly due to more excitement and greater satiation. In such an era, Starbuzz Exotic Passion Fruit stands its ground being a solo flavor.

It is not a surprise really when you smell the strong fragrance of passion fruit. Starbuzz is known for its aromatic flavors. What should and does impress anyone is how potent the passion fruit is. Singular flavor profiles tend to become bland as a session shifts into the latter phases. Not this one. Smokers can expect a strong fruity taste and end on a high with the sweet notes hitting the ball out of the park.

Starbuzz Bold Spicy Red

Finally, there is the Starbuzz Bold Spice Red. Innumerable smokers want shisha flavors that are not either minty or spicy. They want the best of both the worlds. Well, Starbuzz delivers precisely that. The balance of mint and spice in this flavor is so satiating that one can progress from one session to another by simply replenishing the bowl, without worrying about any flavor-stain, knockout, or choke.

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