Top Afzal Shisha Flavors

Top Afzal Shisha Flavors


Welcome shisha lovers, to another exciting Zahrah hookah blog, where we bring you something useful, fun, and delicious. Talking about lip-smacking, let us quickly share with you today's topic. We understand how overwhelming it gets when you are presented with so many hookah flavors from renowned brands. To make it easy for you, we have picked the top Afzal Shisha flavors in this blog.

Afzal Shisha Flavors Overview

Born in India, Afzal Shisha brings you more than 40 mouthwatering hookah tobacco flavors prepared with high-quality Indian Tobacco leaves, natural flavors, and molasses following strict international standards. All of their shishas are prepared without any human involvement using fully automatic machines.  To ensure that these Afzal shisha products conform to the latest International Quality Standards, they are regularly checked for quality by experienced and certified professionals. Undoubtedly, Afzal Shisha is counted among the top hookah tobacco manufacturers. These are the best Afzal Shisha flavors that have already garnered immense popularity.

Top Afzal Shisha Flavors from Its Fruit Flavors

The manufacturer has effectively captured the true essence and flavors of the real fruits along with their freshness in its fruit range. These fruit-flavored Afzal Shishas are meant to rejuvenate you with every pull. Even if you are not a fruit lover, you will still end up craving some more of these fruity Afzal Hookah Tobaccos.

  • Frozen Apple
  • Arctic Mint
  • Deepest Blue (Blueberry)
  • Double Act (Double Apple)
  • Paradicy (Frozen Grapefruit)
  • Key Wi (Kiwi)
  • Frozen Lemon
  • Alphonso Charm (Mango)
  • Valenciaga (Valencia Orange)
  • Frozen Pineapple (Cool Pineapple)
  • Frozen WMLN (Cool Watermelon)
  • White Peach

What makes these Afzal Shisha flavors more outstanding is that the manufacturer has trapped the beauty of those fresh fruit flavors and added an alluring twist making them more enjoyable. You can smoke them as a standalone or try mixing multiple Afzal Shisha’s fruit flavors to create your customized exotic shisha smoke flavor.

Top Afzal Shisha Flavors from Its Zesty Flavor Series

Afzal Shisha company has reaped some popularity with its unique spicy collection where paan flavors play a very important role. Here, take a quick look at those incredible Afzal Shisha flavors.

  • Bombay Pan Masala. Behold the mesmerizing tones of conventional India betel leaf cones stuffed with spices and areca nuts.
  • One can hardly imagine combining ginger with lime, but Afzal has successfully made it a refreshing blend apt for newbie and seasoned smokers.
  • Grape Pan Twist. Undoubtedly, it is a thrilling blend of fresh and juicy grapes, yummy Indian Paan, and refreshing cool mint. Meant for the advanced shisha smokers.
  • Coco Pan. This is where the manufacturer has experimented with the flavors of traditional Indian Paan with a creamy note of coconut.
  • Kesar Pan. A rich note of Saffron or Kesar added to the spicy bold tones of India Paan, makes it an exclusive shisha flavor.
  • Banaras Pan. This traditional pan flavor comes from one of the most ancient cities in the world. Definitely, traditional!
  • Pan Fusion. A refreshing blend of Indian Betel leaf fused with other spices.
  • Pan Apple Splash. If you are looking for a refreshing twist, try this Pan Apple Squash featuring traditional tastes Indian Paan along with sweet and fresh Apple tones.
  • Pan Raas. Considered as the best of all Afzal Shisha, it is truly an enticing flavor mix of Indian Betel leaf and plenty of other nice things.
  • Pan Masala Supreme. It is a delightful fusion of areca nuts, mint, and betel leaf that will make you long for more.
  • Sweet Pan. Pamper your taste buds with this intriguing blend when the traditional flavors of Indian Betel Leaf have been boosted with an interesting touch of sweetness.

Other Mention-Worthy Afzal Shisha Flavors

Afzal Shisha has also got some shisha blends that can be clubbed together as a cool assortment. Shishas that are worth being mentioned under this head are as follows.

  • Gum
  • Blue Sky
  • Chocomint
  • Gum Mastic
  • Crush Ice
  • Bubble Gum
  • Dubai Mint
  • Orange with Mint
  • Lemon with Mint
  • Iced Coconut
  • Ocean Mix
  • Icy Grape Fruit
  • Cherry with Mint

Another series could be the Sweet Afzal Shisha range. Blends worth being mentioned in this context are,

  • Crème Milk
  • Desire
  • Blue Magix
  • Golden Amber
  • Vanilla
  • Choco Hazel.

If you are a fan of stimulating beverages, then check the following shishas that have a huge demand among shisha lovers.

  • Citrus Punch
  • Lemon Tea
  • Refresh Tropical Explosion
  • Earl Grey
  • Mojito
  • Blue Extreme

These are the top Afzal Shisha flavors that won millions of hookah smoker’s hearts. The manufacturer has introduced a series of pan flavors. Also, Zahrah got exciting bundle offers for you. Pick five of your favorite Afzal shishas to enjoy some amazing discounts.

Go ahead, check out the top Afzal Shisha right here!

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