Top Al Fakher Shisha in 2021

Top Al Fakher Shisha for You


We all know about Al Fakher shisha because it is one of the most renowned hookah shisha brands around the globe. Founded in the UAE in 1999, Al Fakher is best-known for its exquisite flavor mixes, rich smoking experience. There is a plethora of lush, exotic kinds of flavors including standalone and mixes to make it hard for you to pick one. Hence, in this post, we will reveal the top Al Fakher Shishas for you. Hope after reading this article you will be able to decide the Top Al Fakher shisha that will satiate you the best.

So, let’s plunge in.

Top 10 Al Fakher Shisha Flavors 

To give you a clearer picture, we have also included a short review of each of the shisha flavors. Let’s begin.

· Al Fakher Grape with Mint

Even if you are not a big fan of grapes, you will still be enchanted by this fabulous Al Fakher Grape with Mint flavor. It features rich grape flavors at the forefront with a cool mint sensation at the back. Unsurprisingly, it is one of the most popular Al Fakher tobaccos in the market. It unleashes the pure joy of hookah smoking and is ideal for any new hookah smoker.

· Al Fakher Herbal Mix

This Al Fakher Tobacco is a chest of diverse healthy herbal and fruity flavors like apple, lemon, strawberry, orange, watermelon, double apple, rose, peach, grape, and fresh mint leaves. Apart from being exceptionally tasty and rejuvenating, it is also a very unique shisha blend. Even if you don’t fancy minty shisha blends, you can smoke this shisha comfortably. Again, it is a non-tobacco shisha flavor, so it will only offer you an explosion of stunning flavors minus the buzz.

· Al Fakher Mint

For those who prefer relishing a bowl of pure minty flavors, the non-tobacco Al Fakher Mint is a perfect choice. The brand has both tobacco and tobacco-free shisha lines, and this flavor is prepared using 100% mint leaves. Mint flavor has revolutionized the shisha world. Earlier non-minty shisha felt a little harsh but with a hint of mint, it became much more enjoyable and smooth.

Sadly, if you want to experience buzz then this shisha will disappoint you. It is more ideal for beginner smokers or for making shisha mixes. 

· Al Fakher Vanilla

If you got a soft corner for milk and ice cream, then you will surely love its conventional sweet and vanilla flavors. Its dense flavor lingers longer than any other shisha flavor. It tastes best when smoked alone as other strong flavors may overpower its aroma and flavors. 

· Al Fakher Coca Cola 

Al Fakher has been constantly introducing fresh dynamic flavors, and Al Fakher Coca Cola is one of them. Before this, there was no such cola-flavored shisha in the market. Like the drink, the shisha is also very sweet and tastes wonderful, which will leave you refreshed with every drag. Undoubtedly, it is a crowd favorite.

· Al Fakher Bubble Gum

It is at the top of shisha fanatics’ favorite list. Al Fakher Bubble Gum shisha is an explosion of rich flavors of diverse fruits. This non-tobacco flavor is ideal for new smokers. 

· Al Fakher Double Apple with Mint

It is one of the most desired Al Fakher Shisha flavors across the globe. Al Fakher Double Apple with Mint is a blend of double apple flavors with a touch of refreshing mint in the background.

· Al Fakher Apricot

If you yearn for something different then Al Fakher Apricot is worth a try. Its rich Apricot aroma, along with a sweet and smooth sweet flavor would win you in no time. At times, it gets tricky to distinguish if it smells like Peach or Apricot. Nevertheless, it is softer than fruits like peach, orange, and blueberries. 

· Al Fakher Cappuccino

If you are a coffee buff, then you will fall in love with Al Fakher Cappuccino right away. As the name shisha name suggests, it is all about the sweet, aromatic cup of strong regular Cappuccino that you savor at Starbucks. You may have tasted other coffee-based shisha, but nothing can be stronger and bolder than this one. Hence, it is not ideal for beginner smokers.

· Al Fakher Jasmine

If you love flowers, then you cannot afford to miss this Jasmine flavored shisha by Al Fakher. Its rich aroma, mesmerizing, sweet taste truly makes it stand out from any other flowery shisha tobacco.

These are the Top Ten Al Fakher Shisha flavors that have marked a permanent place in the hookah buffs’ repertoire. If you are looking for something truly scrumptious, go ahead and browse Al Fakher Shisha only on Shop for $135 and get free shipping across the country.

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