Top Shisha Flavors of The Year

Top Shisha Flavors of The Year


Be it your first time smoking or the hundredth time, the flavor of shisha is what will get you hooked, along with other characteristics that will improve with experience. Flavor is all in the shisha, its freshness and the proper blend of ingredients during its elaboration process. If you are wondering which flavors should make it to your pantry, then you’ve come to the right place. Here is a list of the top shisha flavors of the year that will add creativity, variety and deliciousness to your lineup. We don’t focus on the brand or where the shisha comes from, the whole focus is simply on the flavor it puts out.

Ugly Hookah has one great flavor under their belt, and it is Hurricane. It is a blend of sweet mango and tangy lemonade that will leave you craving more.
Trifecta can add two gorgeous flavors to your lineup: peppermint shake and hipster mint. These minty flavors will cool down any smoker, the peppermint shake adds a bit of creaminess to the session.

Fumari Shisha Mochaccino will please any coffee loving fan with their creamy chocolate tones combined with a sweet coffee bean sensation.

Azure offers two delicious flavors for you to add to the mix: lemon muffin and winter rose. The first is will take you back to your childhood if you’ve ever tried a lemon muffin before that is, while the winter rose adds a minty, yet sweet taste that is lovely.

Tangiers Tuscan Cantaloupe and Midnight Orchard Apple are classic twists to well, classic flavors melon and apple. Tuscan Cantaloupe is more on the mild side, even with its aroma, but it is quite nice on the palette. Midnight Orchard Apple has that double apple punch but with a mixture of anise and another spice.
If fruity is your deal, then try Pure Maracuja that is the epitome of fruity flavor.
Starbuzz also has its famous Spiced Chai blend that is perfect for cold, winter nights when you want something sweet, yet spicy.

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