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Ugly Tobacco Review


Ugly Tobacco Review:

Hey Buddies, We are back again with another interesting Hookah blog for you. Today we are going to review, Ugly Shisha Tobacco. The brand is a US brand located in Oak Lawn, Illinois. Their tobacco products are handcrafted in small batches and made from high-quality blonde Virginia tobacco leaves. Though launched only a few years back, Ugly Hookah Shisha Tobacco has already created quite some buzz. Now, let's evaluate this brand;

  • Packaging: It comes in a beautiful black bottle with a resealable cover that helps you to lock in its flavors, smells, and freshness. There is cellophane-like bag inside containing the tobacco.
  • Smell: You don't have to smoke it to get the feel of it – open the bag, and the aroma will knock you down. You, yourself can make out how accurate they are.
  • Cut: The cut of the tobacco is pretty standard and more on the choppier side than the others. Being made from blonde leaves; it features a tan color. The moisture content is also good.
  • Flavors: It got 18 flavors; Apple Apple, Blue Magic, Chi-town Breeze, Citrus Breeze, Desert Storm, Grapefruit Mint, Orange Keef, Hit Me, Lemon Mint, Marcoje, Ma Wardi, Mint, Mixed Fruit, Pomegranate, Secret Agent, Sergeant Huckleberry, Watermelon Mint. Whether it is a standalone flavor or a blend, every container tastes precisely what it is mentioned on the package. The maker has done a great job capturing the tastes accurately.
  • Smoke Output: Try a little dense pack with a heat management device or wind cover, and you will get the best smoke output from it. The lovely, thick clouds score ten out of ten without any second thoughts.
  • Buzz.:Ugly Hokah Tobacco kicks out other brands when it comes to the buzz. It got a better nicotine content giving you the best buzz ever. Are you a moderate hookah smoke? You must try Ugly Hookah Shisha Tobacco. 

While some are great as mixers, some flavors will make you a fan of Ugly. No matter, which flavor you smoke, you will surely enjoy it! Try some Ugly and do share your experience with us!

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Ugly is the best brand imo!

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