What goes into making hookah coals

What goes into making hookah coals


We tend to forget about an important aspect of Hookahs, the hookah coals! We all use them to be able to heat the tobacco but not many know how they’re made. Coconut coals are the popular variety but there are others. Anyway, we shall discuss what’s behind the coals themselves to expand your knowledge of Hookahs in general.

How are coconut coals made? The first step is extracting the shell from the coconut, this means removing the meat and husk (the shell is in between). Those shells are burned until they turn completely black and then grinded into a fine powder. It is then mixed with water and starch from cassava root to create a dough-like consistency. An extruder machine will then mold the mixture into the shape desired. Afterwards they are baked at a certain temperature before being packaged and mailed off.

What makes a coal a good one? This one is a bit difficult to answer because it’s a multifactorial answer that goes from the soil which grows the coconuts to the burning of the shells, extraction and baking, and even the excellence of ingredients used when mixing.

Why coconut coals? Producing coconut coals has a lighter environmental damage than any other type of coal, especially wooden ones. You’re doing the planet a favor if you use coconut coals!

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