What’s a hookah buzz

What’s a hookah buzz


Let’s make this very clear, smoking from a hookah will lead to no intoxicating effect. That means that hookah shisha does not get you high because shisha is made with natural tobacco leaves, natural and artificial flavoring and sweetener only. On the other hand, you can expect a buzz because of the tobacco, which has nicotine, a naturally occurring chemical in tobacco.

Nicotine levels will vary from brand to brand, and even from shisha line to shisha line. It is important to remember that blonde or golden leaf tobacco will naturally have less nicotine than a dark leaf tobacco brand. This should be taken into consideration when purchasing shisha. If you have any questions about nicotine content or other ingredients, it is important to contact the company directly via email or a phone call. There are brands that offer a zero-nicotine shisha as well for those who wish to have zero buzz. These are made from natural herbs and focus plainly on flavor!

A buzz is hard to describe since everyone will experience it differently according to their personal body chemistry. Many individuals describe their buzz as a slight lightheadedness while others will go as far as saying they get dizzy. Others will say that it is similar to a tingling feeling that overtakes your body and yet others will say that they enter a state of relaxation. To some, a buzz can be powerful, in others it will be subtle and frequent smokers may not experience any changes. Either way, you will know when and if the buzz hits, even if it is only a slight change in your body. A high buzz is not for everyone, so thankfully there are plenty of options available for those looking for low or no buzz at all.

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