What’s the deal with dark leaf?

What’s the deal with dark leaf?


Dark leaf shisha has always been available, but it has barely started reaching high popularity levels. Regular tobacco is called blonde cut because it has low nicotine levels, is light brown in color and is usually bind with honey for a sweeter, softer taste. Dark leaf blends have very high nicotine content and a strong tobacco flavor. They are typically blended with molasses, though there are different types of dark leaf blends. The original dark leaf flavors produced little to no cloud, people smoked it only for the unique taste. Nowadays, you can find special blended dark leaf tobacco that offers you quality cloud with the same strong tobacco taste.
Starbuzz did their own take of dark leaf blends and called it their Vintage line. It is blended with honey, keeping the same nicotine levels, and adding sweeter flavors. Their Vintage line is made to deliver a bigger buzz than regular blonde tobacco. The flavor will also last longer than typical lines and may be a bit on the juicer side as well.

Other interpretations have come into the hookah market using dark blends of tobacco. Though in the traditional sense, dark leaf tobacco differs from what these modern day blends, it is still a good option for hookah smokers who want to enjoy a unique taste. It is all about preferences.

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