Which Grapefruit shisha is best?

Which Grapefruit shisha is best?


Grapefruit, the actual fruit, is tangy and bitter. It is delicious by itself, but many consumers add a dash of sugar to level down the tartness of the fruit. Shisha tobacco brands do the same thing, add sweetness to keep acidity down, but keep the wonderful aroma, taste and juice when being smoked. It is a versatile flavor that can smoked on its own or used in a combination of flavors, such a citrusy mixture of grapefruit and orange.

So, the best grapefruit flavored shisha will depend on your comfort level with sourness. Below you will find a list of shisha tobacco based solely on that factor.
We’ll start off with the sweetest variation of grapefruit and the award goes to Starbuzz’s exotic Grapefruit. The smell alone will let you know that it’s bound to be a flavorful session. As hard as it can be to believe, Trifecta Tobacco Grapefruit dark leaf tobacco blend is also one of the sweetest versions there is, albeit, with a stronger buzz.

If you want a perfectly balanced flavor, not too sweet and not too bitter, then try Ugly Hookah’s Grapefruit Mint. It has the touch of coldness thanks to the mint but with a sweet and smooth aroma. Nu’s grapefruit is more focused on the juice, so the flavor is mild and less sour than other grapefruit shisha flavors. It’s available in a mint version as well.

If accuracy is your go-to formula, then bitterness is what you need, and Al Fkaher will deliver. It is a great blend to start mixes with or smoke as is. Another choice for those looking for the biggest buzz available in a grapefruit version is Tangiers’ pink grapefruit flavored shisha tobacco.

We recommend you try them all anyway but starting off with the version that will best suit your tastes is preferable and go from there.

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