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Wookah Hookah Wooden Base

The craze about the new Wookah hookahs is unprecedented around the world. The Wookah hookahs feature all natural hard wood exteriors with a polished finish that prevents any water damage. The Wookah hookahs are sturdy and elegantly crafted from top to bottom. The Wookah hookahs have a long narrow shaft with smooth shiny finish making them a pleasure to look at and observe.

When it comes to smoking, the Wookahs are unbelievably excellent performers. The inner architecture of the Wookah hookahs stands apart from all other traditional hookahs on the market. Wookah also builds crystal bases to accompany the wooden stem. Together, the wooden stem and the crystal bases draw attention like no other.

 Our online store has various different models of the Wookah hookahs for you to choose from. We have the classic models that feature the wooden base as well as the new crystal bases. Check out our full selection of Wookah Hookahs to see which one suits your style!

Wookah Hookah Crystal Base

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