Zahrah Bringing New Products At TPE 2017


With the start of the new year, we here at Zahrah are excited to showcase our new products for this year. With TPE 2017 happening this week in Las Vegas, we are excited to be part of the even to show our new products to the hookah community.

The last year has evolved Zahrah tremendously. We learned a lot from consumer trends to buyer behavior and are confident we have the perfect product solutions for our customers this year.

A new addition to our offering will be sturdy new hand made bohemian bases from Czech Republic. These are beautifully crafted pieces that make any hookah stem shine. The size and shape is perfectly structured to balance the hookah in its entirety.

We will also be adding more clay bowl designs to our popular line of hand made clay bowls. We have added an extra depth of design and functionality to our bowls that improves the smoking experience and helps the tobacco burn at a far better pace than ever before.

The popular Zahrah Spade will also be getting a new addition to it's line with the Zahrah Spade Mini that is coming soon. The Zahrah Spade Mini offers the same look, design, and materials as the full size version but in a smaller and more compact form factor. This makes it even easier to carry while travelling and for storage purposes.

Besides the innovative products from Zahrah, we will also showcase popular products from around the world that have been gaining more and more traction. Late last year we brought you the famous Wookah Hookahs from Poland. And now we will be adding more models to our library. Additionally, we will also introduce Zomo Tobacco from Brazil. Zomo has quickly become a top contender in Brazil for hookah shisha fans. And we are positive that the hookah lovers in North America will love this brand of tobacco.

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