Zahrah Charcoal Burner: Your Ultimate Coal Heater!

Zahrah Charcoal Burner: Your Ultimate Coal Heater!


Hello hookah lovers, in this blog, we are going to end your heating problems. We all know how amazing it feels when you heat your shisha with coconut charcoals. However, it comes with a downside. Igniting the coals on a stovetop is a time-consuming task, but the outcome is something mesmerizing. For this reason, we have got you a perfect solution to resolve all your problems at once. We present you the very handy, very functional Zahrah Charcoal Burner, which takes only a few minutes to jumpstart your session. Before we tell you about Zahrah Charcoal Burner's benefits, let us talk a bit about hookah charcoal burners.


Coal burners are readily available in various sizes and shapes. Hence, it is essential to understand your requirements before you make a purchase. Here, let us tell you what you should look for and what you should avoid.

Hookah charcoal burners should reach their optimum temperature of 350 degrees very quickly. Having a good hookah coal burner is as vital as using high-quality hookah charcoals. A good burner reaches its temperature in four to five minutes. Before you pay for one, make sure you assess the burner thoroughly. First and foremost, you should look out for high built quality in the heater. If you can control the temperature using a link knob-like device at the base, it is good. Nowadays, many modern burners have additional features like auto shut, air vents, but they become a bit expensive. An excellent essential piece should be high-quality with a temperature controlling knob. You can further assess the burner on maintenance. One that is easy to clean and maintain, i.e., can be easily dismantled, cleaned, and assembled again, is a great choice.


Zahrah Charcoal Burner features a simple design with a spiral heating element that runs at 110 volts. There is a griddle top so you can easily place your charcoals at an even distance. The griddle placement helps to heat the coal pieces very fast and uniformly. It has a sleek, compact look and measures only 23.5 cm by 23.5 cm. If you are searching for a close and straightforward burner, then Zahrah Charcoal Burner is a perfect option that falls on the affordable side of the range. This amazing Zahrah Charcoal Burner is available in four different colors,\ which are yellow, purple-black, army green, and blue.

Zahrah Charcoal Burner comes with a temperature control knob at the base so you can easily regulate it to your desired temperature. Also, it has an indicator light to alert you when the power is on. Now, you will always know when the coil is super-hot. Flip over the coal with a pair of tongs, so it gets heated evenly from all sides. It hardly takes around five minutes to get to the right temperature and safeguards you from the meticulous procedure of heating your coals with a blow torch. It comes with a 39inch cable for ease of placement.

It is a portable burner that goes on 1500 watts and costs only $24.99. Besides burning your coals for an amazing hookah session, you can also use it for cooking your meals. A perfect solution for cooking in a limited space. For those who are looking for a reasonably priced burner, Zahrah Hookah Coal Burner is worth a try.

Zahrah Charcoal Burner is effortless to clean and maintain. However, allow it to cool down before you try to do so. Clean the burner with a wet cloth. Never leave on the dirt for a longer duration, or it will be hard to remove.


Apart from the burner, it would be best if you also were watchful towards the coals you are using to heat your shisha. While there are various coals available in the market, we suggest using only coals made from crushed coconut shells. Not only does it offer you a clean and soothing smoking experience, but it also lasts longer.

While there are scores of hookah charcoal burners with varying designs and features flooding the hookah market, Zahrah offers you a simple, portable burner for a quick and efficient session. You can take it anywhere you like. Use it for your hookah as well as cook your meals. Being so compact, you can easily carry it with you in your backpack. Lastly, it is available in different colors to suit your personality.

Zahrah Charcoal Burner; affordable means to jumpstart your hookah session!

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