Zahrah USA at the Hookah Expo Worldwide

Zahrah Hookah Takes Part in the HEW3


We came one step closer to our hookah-loving people this August when we were offered to participate in HEW3 (Hookah Expo Worldwide 2019). It was held on August 3rd and 4th in Las Vegas Convention Center South Hall.

All the famous hookah brands of the industry were there along with us. We are more than happy to be there and meet our beloved fans personally. As for the fans, they got the most significant opportunity to interact with the creators of the marvelous Zahrah hookah pieces everyone loves. Visitors had the golden chance to check out all our best-selling hookah sets right there at the spot. Some of the prominent and most admired hookahs of Hookah Expo Worldwide were:

  • Zahrah Spade The complete set stands 34-inches tall and supports four hoses so you and your friends can comfortably gather around it and enjoy your hookah session. It was available in five different colors; Black, Red, Blue, Olive Grey, and Rose Gold along with 5 new colors such as peach, brown, silver, green, and teal.
  • Zahrah Spade Junior Unlike its big brother, Zahrah Spade Jr had more admirers. This classic Bohemian hookah is 27-inches tall, and thus, a perfect piece for your tabletop. Plus, it supports two hoses; so two buddies can join in together. It also comes in five colors.
  • Zahrah Ringer This 15-inches mini hookah is a perfect tabletop, travel-friendly hookah set featuring a 6061-aerospace aluminum stem with anodized finish, the purge valve, and stainless-steel diffuser. It comes in Black, Blue, and Rose Gold colors. Everyone loved it.
  • Zahrah Genie - Another piece that has wooed everyone over there was our Zahrah Genie Mini Hookah set. It is petite, powerful, and got great Bohemian vibes. The stem is made of high-quality aluminum and got glass vase, base rings, washable hose, and more. It is only available in three hues; black, Blue and Rose Gold.
  • Zahrah Bohemian Bases - These are special bases imported from Czech Republic with classic style on the glass. They are compatible with most modern hookahs and bring a classic style to the centerpiece.

Overdozz Hookah Tobacco
The hookah enthusiasts present there got the golden chance to test the new tobacco line, Overdozz for the first time. There were different flavors available for the visitors to enjoy like Double Trouble, Psych Out, Heat Wave , One Night Stand, Lusidrem, Fresh Greens, Bad Habit, Zero Gravity. They were packed in our gorgeous Spade, Ringer and Genie hookahs. Among all the flavors, the mint mixes were a superhit followed by Double Trouble, Bad Habit, Lusidrem, and One Night Stand.

That’s not the end, to make the event more happening and exciting there were hookah smoking, and lots of cool gifts and prizes to be won. The winners of our giveaway are Carlos Rios and Sien Martinez who will be receiving a full set of the Spade Jr.

The Expo was a great success, and we got a tremendous response. it only motivated us to work harder to give you more innovative and functional hookah pieces and hookah experiences that you will cherish for a long time.
We at Zahrah, thank everyone for your love and support!

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